A new friendship or more?

Ally is just a normal teenage 17 year old girl she moves to England to find herself ,but along the way she meets Liam ,Liam Payne will they just become friends or will they fall for each other?


6. morning

Ally's POV

"aww look at them their smiling in their sleep " "lou shut up your going to wake them up" I heard faint voices say.  then I felt something shift uder me " ugh let me sleep " they said then I realized it was liam. "um liam you me us " "huh .. what do y- oh guys no no ." " liam whats so bad about this?" " guys its a problem because she isn't in to me " he sounded sad like he was hurt. " liam what do you mean you don't know that " guys every girl I liked either uses me or tells me straight to the face " then I started to shift and opened my eyes " hey ally did you hear any of that " well the truth is I heard everything but I couldn't tell them that so I lied. " heard what ?what I miss?" "well actually-" zayn was cut off by liam saying " nothing " "um ok Louis can I talk to you in private"

Liam's POV

oh no she probably like Louis I mean she  wants to talk to him I private that's got to mean something.as I walked through I heard what they were saying I know its wrong but I need to. "so um I heard everything but I really like liam and well i don't he likes me in that way " "what do you mean liam likes you to a-" " but he probably said those things to get you guys of his back " ' ally relax i know liam he really likes you hes  just afraid of getting broken ' " lou don't you know im afraid too i mean i've  been broken too many times but I've never felt this strongly about anyone ever but im willing to take a risk ." " ally trust me and im sure liam will take the risk too" "well thanks lou now i know i can trust you thanks " and i saw the doorknob twist and pretended that i was going to open it. " oh hi liam " " hey i um was wondering if you wanted to go to dinner with me ?"  " sure id love to" and she left and i knew how i was going to ask her .

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