A new friendship or more?

Ally is just a normal teenage 17 year old girl she moves to England to find herself ,but along the way she meets Liam ,Liam Payne will they just become friends or will they fall for each other?


17. hope to remember you

         Ally's POV

  " oh thank you " I said and then walked into the bathroom. I changed and walked out and Liam said " you ready to go ? " " yeah um lets go". Then he woke up another guy in the room that I never noticed. He had long curly hair, green eyes and had dimples when he smiled. then he noticed me and his smile got bigger and he came up to me and engulfed me in a hug." oh ally I missed you  so much " he basically yelled . " um who are you ? " I asked politely . " what , what do you mean? " he asked looking like he was going to cry. Then liam spoke up and said " um harry she , uh she doesn't remember us ' he said looking down .


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