A new friendship or more?

Ally is just a normal teenage 17 year old girl she moves to England to find herself ,but along the way she meets Liam ,Liam Payne will they just become friends or will they fall for each other?


2. finally here

Liam's POV

I was asleep when I heard my name being said by an angelic voice "liam , liam , liam" "what?"..."well aren't you just a ray of sunshine" when I realized who it was I shot up and said "oh uh sorry I thought you were someone else" she chuckled and said "its alright" so we got out of the plane and I said "so c-can I um have your number ?" "sure hand me your phone" so I hand her my phone and she give me hers and we exchanged numbers. "so I best be going so yeah " she says "yeah well see you later " and the next thing I know I kiss her cheek and she blushes and looks down. "well  um bye " she says and leaves. so I head home walk through the door smiling and the first thing I hear is " well look who's smiling so what happened to you that made you all smiley " harry says "be quiet harry" " oh so you meet a girl hmh hmh " and he wiggles his eyebrows " no " and I feel the heat rising to my cheeks "oh is someone blushing" he says .where are the other boys " "oh they're at the mall."


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