A new friendship or more?

Ally is just a normal teenage 17 year old girl she moves to England to find herself ,but along the way she meets Liam ,Liam Payne will they just become friends or will they fall for each other?


8. ally's sister?

Liam's POV

so me and ally were at my place with the boys just doing whatever and my arm around the girl im proud to call mine.so while we were watching a movie and ally's phone went off and she got up and said " sorry guys I got to take this " and went into our room well technaclly  my room  but you know . so she's been gone for ten minutes so I went to check on her and I stood by the door I know but you know . I heard what she was saying " your serious your not messing with me yes your bringing him too aww your like my best friend I know were more than friends but you get it" and that's where I lost " who were talking to ?" I said angry " oh my gosh liam you scared me!"  " I said who were you talking to ?" I said as anger charged through me but mostly hurt " liam I was talking to my sister " she said looking scared but I saw her eyes flash with hurt " oh im sorry im just I - *sigh* never mind. "liam I under stand its okay you can tell me" " its just all the girls I've dated they never truly liked me they either used me for money , fame , or just to get closer to the other boys ,but what im trying to say every girl I liked never liked back."  "liam I know what it feels like to get broken I mean its happend way to many times to me."  " ally if you don't mind by me asking but what happened to you ?" " well the truth is I've never took a break up that bad , but that didn't last very long because there was this one boy Javier we dated for about almost a year and on our anniversary I went to his house and I knocked but there was no answer so I found the door unlocked and I went to his room I found him and my supposedly ' best friend ' making out and then I ran out and I guess he saw and went after me but I never forgave him or her and that one of the reasons I left California." ally said and a tear slipped from her eye. " im sorry I know what It feels like the exact same thing happened to but ,the only difference is I  didn't know the guy and I was going to propose 'but im glad I didn't or else I would'nt have met you. I love you ally" I said and that's the first time I've said it to her> "I love you too liam." and we went back to the living room and ally said " guys my sister is coming in about 2 hours so I want you on your best behavior." "ugh yes mother." the boys said in unision " guys im serious and im pretty sure you'll like her. "

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