Midnight Memories

I dont just want to know you. "He said,his lips pressed against my ear, sending ripples of pleasure down to my fingertips. "I want to know about you." I trembled under his touch, his soft yet big and rough hands so gentle against my bare shoulder.


2. Chapter Two

He was so preserved in a unique contrast compared to the rest of the room with his head ducked into his phone. Even then, the first time I ever saw him he made me smile like I had never smiled before, like learning was the most amazing feeling to comprehend. Connor, my boyfriend at the time, could never make me dream like Harry had, dream like the sky was endless and every star was an untold wish. How could two people be so attracted to each other and not know each other’s last names? How was that possible? I could still hear him, gliding past me trying to get past the ocean of unfamiliar faces and shrugging shoulders.


"What's your name, Love?" I smiled placing the cap on top of the scorching cup.


"What's your, curly?” He shrugged grabbing one of those thin black straws out of the holder and putting it in my cup.


"I guess it’s, Curly." He smirked handing my cup.


"It's Quiin." I said once I had made it to the cashing counter and he was still trailing behind me.


"Harry." I turn to face him, seeing his dark green eyes so clearly for the first time.


"Were you named after the prince?" I say obviously trying to make small talk.


"Probably not." He grabbed my cup out of my hand and pulled a golden sharpie out of his back pocket and wrote his name and number on the side.


"i have a boyfriend." I say trying not to reject him entirely but just to "play" with him. he raised his eyebrows and blew a circle of air from his lips.


"You’re never going to get anywhere with that. Call me." I followed him with my eyes until he was out of sight and the jingle of the bell on the door finally simmered. Even then he knew we would end up together and find love. Quiin Styles. Nice ring to it, huh? So many memories that I couldn't just throw away. Like the first time we kissed. He took me to his best friend, Louis' house due to my shitty day and we went to sit on the back balcony, our legs looped through the bars. The moon was shining like I had never seen it before, casting a spotlight on us. Making my hair seem more reddish than it actually was, making something inside me twinge.


"I've never met anyone like you, Quiin."


"You say that to all the girls." He smirked biting his lip, something even to this day I could not resist.


"I'm not as much of a player as you think I am."


"Really?" He nodded and looked up at the moon.


"i consider myself to be very charming and loveable." I knocked into his side with mine and we fell to the floor. "You're such a little sh-"I pressed my fingers to his subtle lips giving him the death stare.


"Were you just going to call me a little sh-" his lips smacked into mine, inducing a feverish heat in my face. I remember ever detail in his lips, in the moon, in the aroma of vanilla candles, cologne and the English air.


"You avoided my question." I said in a whisper, my lips only inches from his. A brilliant smile spread across his face.


"Yes, I'll marry you." He said changing topics and going in for another kiss.




"Quiiny?" You okay?" Niall said putting his car into reverse. I take my gaze away from the falling snow outside and turn to look at him. Niall was one of my best friends. He moved from Ireland about 5 years ago and him and his family bought the house right next to my families and we've been best friends since then. Even after me moving out of my parents house and on the other side of Leeds.


"I'm fine, Niall. Thank-you for picking me up. I appreciate it."


"Anytime." He smiled. I looked back out the window at the distant sign attached to a hair salon window reading: New special! Get one half off!!!! He sighed and ran his fingers through his now natural brown color with traces of blonde. "I know you're still bummed over Harry. He's my mate too but your my girl mate." He said the last mate really slow and separated. "I don't want to see him get hurt but I definitely don't want to see you get hurt as well. Your parents are going to hate him even more because you sneak behind their backs, see?" I grabbed Niall's hand and squeezed it.


"You're such a philosopher! can we not talk about Harry? I'm just going to want to see him and talking about him is torture. “He shrugs.


"Whatever you want." He parked the car and we walked up the crowded parking lot to the restaurant. Liam and Danielle are the first people I spot, menus pressed against their faces. Perry's hair, so vibrant and pink, is the second, then Zayn and finally Louis and El.


"Hey. Q!" Louis says making room for us around the booth.


"No one ordered yet, right?" Niall says squeezing in besides Zayn.


"Nope, were still waiting." Liam and Dani put the menus down one table looking to all of us.


"Hey Quiin!" Dani says smiling so huge.


"Hey,Danielle. Hey, Louis. Hey everyone." I say trying to include everyone in my wave. Everyone moves over to the side still trying make room and soon there's a big gap between me and Louis.


"I'm not that fat guys. Geez." I look from Liam to Dani to Louis to Zayn to El and finally Perry. “What?" Someone softly taps me on my shoulder. I spin around, taking in dark jeans, a monotone gray shirt and matching jacket. Harry's casual attire.


"Well don't hog the seat, scoot over." I look to him paralyzed.


"Harry." He pushes me over with his hip and site down. I instantly go to hug him wrapping my arms around his neck. I didn't know when I would last see him and right now it feels like I haven't seen him in years. I feel his arms around my torso and everyone clears their throats.


"Let's eat!" Niall screams slamming his spoon and fork down on the table in a playful way. We pull away from each other, me still very much excited to see him. I turn to Perry and smile.


"Can I touch?" I ask, holding my hand out to her Protruding stomach. She nods and smiles.


"Sometimes i think that's the only reason why they get so big." I press my hand near her belly button, where the baby is always nestled. Two years ago Zayn proposed to Perry at her grandparent’s estate out in northern Manchester while we were at V Festival. We came home late the next day and Perry and Zayn were sitting in the living room, smiling like they had just been reborn.


"You did it didn't you, mate?" Liam said dropping his bag onto the floor. Perry’s eyes widened and she shrugged slowly acting like she had no idea what we were talking about.


"Did what?" She said showing off her ring in a jazz hands sort of fashion. “Got engaged? Is that what you are referring to?" She said getting up to show us. I hugged her grabbing her hand and starring at the gigantic diamond on her little finger.


"Congrats, you guys."


"Zayn, you ravishing dog you." Harry said and all the boys hugged them pulling everyone into a group hug.


"You have metaphorically thrown the bouquet of roses into the screaming crowd of girls, for once not our fans," Louis started.


"And now, hopefully, someone, hint hint Quiin will elbow and bite her way to the middle and marry me." Harry said squeezing my shoulder. In my mind I say yes, in my body I say yes, two months later I said yes, two months later he left me, he left me to only dream of him. Him leaving was one of the reasons my dad grew to hate him like he never hated anyone before, well among them.


I finally removed my hand from Perry's stomach and sat upright.


"You're getting so big." I say knocking that bad memory out of my head. The memory that led to my path of unwinding self-hatred. "Okay. I grab a menu from the table. “Let’s order." Harry senses my panic in my tone and places his hand on mine, rubbing it with his thumb.


"That'll never happen again, I promise you."


"Don't promise me that. You might have to leave at any moment, it's my fault you're here so I shouldn't get mad if you go home again." He put the back of my hand to his mouth and kissed it looking into my eyes.


"I promise."




***Okay guys what do you think of the chapter? Hope it was good I feel like it was incomplete but I like it. Listened to a lot Alt-J, Ellie Goulding, and F.U.N so any correlation ?***

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