Midnight Memories

I dont just want to know you. "He said,his lips pressed against my ear, sending ripples of pleasure down to my fingertips. "I want to know about you." I trembled under his touch, his soft yet big and rough hands so gentle against my bare shoulder.


3. Chapter Three

"Quiin, which one is more flattering?" My mom said holding a vibrant blue dress up to her small frame. I pointed to the sleek maroon dress with diamonds on the bust, hanging over the rack in the dressing room. “Are you sure?" She said squinting at me and twirling.


"Yes, it's very flattering, mother." She walked over to the empty rack, grabbing the dress and checking the tag.


"Okay, I'll get it." She put the blue dress back on its original hanger and back into its correct spot. "So. Who are bringing to the dinner tonight?" I rolled my eyes grabbing the long blue tiered gown that I had bought at the previous shop and we walked to the cashing counter. She knew who I was bringing, she just wanted me to say it so she could hold her nose up high and "humph" at my chose in men. It angered me that I was 19 and they still treated me like I need guardianship. I was in UNI, even though I had dropped out for the semester. I had my own flat, even though it was being paid for by my parents, and i was doing well on my own. Harry and all! She stared at me for a while, her dark blue eyes piercing into me. i ran my fingers through my hair and stared right back at her.


"You already know who I'm bringing, Mother." She handed the women behind the marble counter and stiffened her moderately stuck up back, turning to me.




"Francesca?" Her eyes became two slits peering from a pale sunken face.


"Why do you want to get hurt again?" I sighed grabbing the bags and charged out of the shop. “Quiiny?!"


"Stop talking to me, okay?" Her pumps click against the smooth black top of the parking lot as she ascends towards me.


"He hurt you so bad. I don't want to see you cry anymore!"


"I'm not! It was a mistake, get over it!" She stepped back grasping her chest, scoffing.


"Quiin, do you see what this boy is doing to you?" I press my hands against me face, frustrated. Over-exaggerated, sensitive, manipulative, and a stuck up old rich lady are a few adjectives you could use to describe my mother. When I and Harry first started seeing each other she would not come home with him there, she saw the tattoos and already made a quick assumption. Tattoos meant school drop-out, school drop-out meant criminal record, and criminal record meant he could never be good for my daughter and they could never see each other again. But that wasn't the case. Harry finished school and went to UNI Law, Sociology and Business. He was perfect and wonderful and all the things you would hope to find in someone of his gender. Sure he made mistakes but everyone did, it was a casual thing for anyone to do, if you didn't then you were completely alien to all senses. Love was something my mother mistook for lust, hatred was something my father had mistook for respect, and despair was something i had mistaken for comfort. Everyone makes mistakes. She grabbed my waist and forced me to look at her. Her eyes searched through mine like a vulture.


"Quiiny, I am sorry you want to throw your life away for a boy." I yank my arms down out of her grip, feeling her nails pierce through my tender flesh.


"I am not throwing my life away!"


"We know you dropped out!" I stop, breathing slowly and look away from her.


"I don't want to talk about this. If you still want to see me tonight you would stop while you’re ahead. “I threw the bags into the empty boot (trunk) and circled around to the passenger’s side. I hate being so cruel to her but having to choose between my family and Harry was getting frustrating and there was no doubt that I would not pick Harry over them. I love my family but they are so judgmental and harsh, big socialites that I would be happy to be without. Harry, the boys, and they girls are my family as well as and way more kind-hearted than my parents. My mom is a sweetheart but only when it comes to something she agrees to and my dad is a complete asshole. I could honestly say I despise him on so many levels, including my relationships and social circle being one. The car door opens and my mom slides inside placing her hands on the steering wheel and keeping them there.


"I'm sorry, I really am." I looked out the window at a snow plow driving up the pure snow.


"I just want to go home."



Harry stood in the frame of the mirror fixing his lopsided bow tie. I tried to squeeze under his arm, only to be pushed back by his boney butt.


"Harry, I really need the mirror." He turns to face me, hands still intertwined in his black and white polka dot tie. He curled his lips up into a pout and shifted it some more.


"I have to fix it. Do you want me to look like a barn animal?" I roll my eyes and grab it from his hands.


"Not wearing a tie does not symbolize savageness and plus it's a clip on you can fix it later, big guy." He snatches it from me and fumbles with it some more.


"Is someone a Diva?" Louis says grabbing his black blazer off the arm of the beige couch. He’s dressed to impress with black dress pants and a white fitted undershirt. You can definitely see that El has had some influence with his choice of hairstyle and I Harry’s because it is ruffled in sleepy waves and curls, just the way we love. Harry is wearing an identical suit as the rest of the boys but Zayn has added his own twist onto his. I invited them a while back while my mother was going on about how they know nothing about these people. I want them to know that I do not hang out with delinquents but very classy people.


"I am not a Diva, just unaccustomed with men you hog mirrors."


"I was talking about, Hazz." I laugh under my breath and Harry reaches his long slender arms around my waist. I like the way he does that, makes me feel so secure and loved, like nothing I've ever experienced.


"Would you rather have me look like a peasant? I'm sure your parents would love me then."


"Rather that than a girl." He kissed my cheek, blowing raspberries and turns to find his blazer. I wipe my cheek clean of his saliva.


"Disgusting." I say wiping it on his shirt.


"Nice."  He says shaking his head. I turn back to check my hair, which is neatly done in a spotless bun, and my make-up that was done by Eleanor, the beauty Queen.


"Okay, everyone! It's 7:20 we have to go!" Nialls says running his fingers through his hair. Niall hates traffic and just seeing a picture of an endless success of cars gives his anxiety. Zayn brings Perry out, dressed in an elegant white gown that does very little to conceal the dome underneath, but she looks beautiful all the same. His hair is spun in spiral curls that flow down her slim back and el is dressed in a short black dress, her hair tightly done in a ponytail. I look to them and feel so intimidated. They look so beautiful, even Perry who has a 15 pound pumpkin hanging from her abdomen. Harry grips my hand in his and squeezes, bringing his lips to my ear.


"You are the most beautiful women in the entire world." I twist my fingers through his and hug his arm.


"You are the most beautiful man in the world."


"Handsome." He says smiling. I smile back pulling his lips to mine. We are interrupted by the sound of scattered applause and I pull away, my hands still resting on his jawline.


"Let's go!!!." Niall says rushing us out the door.




"This is the place." Zayn says being stopped by a valet in a purple vest. I shift under Harry's arm and stomach churns with the idea of Harry being around my parents, this would not turn out well. He wrapped his arm tighter around my shoulder and kissed the top of my head.


"It'll be alright, Cinderella." I smiled taking in a strong sent of French cologne on his blazer.


"As long as you'll be my Prince Charming."


"I don't think Cinderella has a Charming." I look up at him, squinting.


"Well she has a Prince."


"Yeah but-" I put my hand over his mouth.


"You're my Prince." A smile forms under my fingers and he kisses the tips. The side door opens and Liam peers inside


"You getting out?" I shake my head.


"No, it's really nice in here. The lighting is perfect and-" Liam grabs my arm pulling me out and Harry pushes on my back, both of them dragging me into the harsh lights and smirking faces.


"See not that bad." Harry tugs on his blazer and scopes the crowds of people entering the castle estate. "Not bad at all."


"Yes but have you seen my parents?"


"Point taken." I grab his hand and we both move forward into the open doors.




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