Midnight Memories

I dont just want to know you. "He said,his lips pressed against my ear, sending ripples of pleasure down to my fingertips. "I want to know about you." I trembled under his touch, his soft yet big and rough hands so gentle against my bare shoulder.


18. Chapter Sixteen

Harry's P.O.V    


 The bed is scratchy underneath my body as I open my eyes to tubes strung up around the room and two nurses filling the bags with some liquid. The blonde one looks at me with such surprise I think she may faint. 

"Doctor!" She screams and runs out of the room while the other starts to mess with the stands set up around me. 

"What is going on?" I groan, resting up on my shoulders. "Hey, you. What the hell is going on?" I tug on her sleeve. 

"You need to rest. Lay down."

"What's going on?" A man in a white coat enters the room with a clipboard under his arm and gray hairs sprouting over his balding scalp. He looks around 50 maybe a little older. 

"Hello, Harry. How is he?"

"I don't know- "she stutters."His vitals are perfectly fine nothing to suggest that he was ever in a coma."

"A coma?" I snap. "What the fuck is going on? I'm not in a coma. Look at me. I'm speaking, I am moving."  I flaunt my hands in the air like a mad man. I am not in a coma!

"Alright, calm down." The doctor speaks. "You got into an accident a few months ago and-"

"Months? Months! I was just driving a few hours ago. You guys need to a vacation you work to hard. I was not in a fucking coma! The last thing I remember is I was screaming at Quii-" My heart skips at her name as her face appears behind my swollen eye lids. "Where's Quiin?"

"The women that have been visiting you? They didn't show today."

"Women? No Quiin. She's short, blonde hair, Hazel eyes." My head is racing but all I can think about is Quiin.

"She didn't show." The woman speaks. "She was here yesterday with-" Her hand travels to a small envelope resting on the side table. In neat scripted hand writing is Quiin's name. 

"We need to get you evaluated first so you're going to have to put that on hold." She takes the envelope from my hands and it feels like she had ripped my heart from my body. 


I spend most of the afternoon, getting probed and poked. Drained and filled with numbing painkillers and finally I'm left alone with the card with my beautiful girl's name in beautiful such a beautiful script. I gaze my fingers over the edges, slowly flipping the top up and taking out the folded slips of paper. A letter.


Dear, Harry

I don't know what to say, well yes I do. I honestly do. I don't know where to start and that is the hardest part. What can you say to the man that has given you everything but has slowly taken it away at the same time. I've talked to that girl, I can't remember her name at the moment and to me, why should I care about her when I can barley remember her name. Anyway, I talked to her at Connor's funeral, which was just as devastating as I'd hoped it wouldn't be. She told me everything, about how you two got together and she fell for you but you didn't fall for her and I guess everyone's expecting me to say "Oh I forgive you because you're sitting in a hospital bed in a coma" but I can't forgive you for leaving and hooking up with another girl, but I love you and forgiveness is easy to push away and even harder to except but I want that from you. 


I will say one thing to you that you probably don't want to hear at a moment like this but I left with Brett to go to stay with his family in Wisconsin. I'm not with him, just so you know. When you left I didn't get a chance to tell you that I was still waiting and hoping for you to come back and talk to me. He has a girlfriend, well fiance now and I really hope you will stop assuming that I don't care about you because I do. I care about you more than I can handle and that fact that you would think I would just give up on us like that is insane. I would never do that. Ever! You should know that by now. I hope I'll be home when you wake up, I'm dieng over here running things through my mind about what could of happened to you. You could be in place right now and I wouldn't be able to funtion. I broke down when I saw your car flipped over, I was so sure that you were gong to die, but your not and I can't wait to see you again. Hold you and talk to you and look into those beautiful green eyes and hear that wonderful voice that I fell in love with. 


To end this ridiculous letter that you've most likely lost interest in or not-either way I just have to tell you that I love you, I didn't get the chance to when you left. I didn't get the chance to do anything before you left and I should of made you stay. I should of done something, you wouldn't be in this mess if I did. I just love you so much Harry. Call me when you wake up. They won't inform me because I'm not immediate family but I put Liam's name down on the list and they'll call him, I'm sure. I love you.


I stare down at this letter not taking a moment to pick up the hospital phone and call her. 


Quiin's P.O.V


Brett lays next to me in the grass, his hands over his face to block the sun from burning into his retinas. 

"See it's not as bad as people think. It's pretty great in the summer-" 

"I know, I never said it was."

"Wisconsin?" He mocks my snooty voice from early this week. I wasn't exactly thrilled to be leaving Harry and go across the country to Wisconsin with him. I mean if he woke and I wasn't there would he get my letter or would a nurse have thrown it away. If they didn't call Liam then would Harry be considered a John Doe if he somehow lost his memory. I've read a book where the man couldn't remember his life post coma and he left his family and kids and everyone was miserable. What if that's what it's like. I mean it's possible.

"Quiin! I brought you here to get your mind away from all that negativity! He'll be fine. Trust me."

"I know I just-" My phone vibrates next to me, showing Bay Side Hospital on the ID. "It's them!" I don't take a moment to hesitate. 


"Quiin!" Harry's voice says through the receiver. I can't hold back the tears before I stare to sob, causing Brett to rise up and loop his arms around me. 

"Harry, I love you!"

"I got that. I read the letter."

"You did?"

"Yeah." It's silent for a moment and I take this moment to wipe my face and breath. "Come home."

"I'm on my way." 



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