Midnight Memories

I dont just want to know you. "He said,his lips pressed against my ear, sending ripples of pleasure down to my fingertips. "I want to know about you." I trembled under his touch, his soft yet big and rough hands so gentle against my bare shoulder.


7. Chapter six Part Two

The buzzing of my phone wakes me, sending my head raising from my pillow. 2:04.

      Could we talk?-Harry

My throat slowly begins to drain of all moisture, like a desert.

     What for?

     I really miss you

     I don't think that's a good idea.

I place my phone back onto my bedside table and my head back onto my pillow. The ringing starts again and this time I am forced to answer his call.


"Quiin, listen."

"Harry, if your drunk I don't want to hear it. I have to much to deal with right now."

"Can you open your door." He says after a few seconds of silence in a groggy so close to sleep voice. I sit up, squinting my eyes in the darkness to the waving velvet curtains. Slowly making my way to the window in hope that he wouldn't be there, I didn't know what I would do if I saw him. I slip through the long red drapes and poke my head out into the London breeze.

Just as I had suspected Harry stands on my porch, his hand placing the phone to his ear and the other covering his forehead. My shoulders relax and I pierce my lips together.

"Please?" He says on the line, his voice shaky.

"Fine, stay there." I put the phone inside my back pocket and run down the spiral staircase trying to get to the door quickly. My face is immediately grasped in his rough rock-solid freezing grip. His lips fall to mine, pushing and prying at the warmth inside . It is so much to take in but I don't care. After 5 days of him not wanting to see me or even talk to me, I wanted this. I wanted his touch more than I wanted air.

"Come to Italy with me?" He said in a cheeky grin, pulling out of my grip and stepping back into the shadows, his feet tipping onto the pavement. His hands wriggle into his pockets and he looks at me like he needs me, his hair in little finger-made rows.


"I'm serious." He bites his lip and grins.

"You broke up with me."

"I said 'sorry'." he says playfully. I glance at him, narrowing my eyes until he slipped his hands into mine, "You still love me, right?"

"Of course."

"Then come."

"Why are you going to Italy?"

"Cause it's the most romantic place on earth." I look at him trying to catch his gaze.

"Are you drunk?" He pinches his finger together trying to show a small amount.

"I might of had a few."


"No, no, no. Listen. I shouldn't of left you. I promised you that I wouldn't do that again and I did because I'm an asshole. I'm your asshole though, right?"

"That's not the best thing to say." He interrupts me with these big green eyes that melt be instantly.  

"Quiin Foster, I love you. Come with me." I glance around the empty streets lit by streetlamps and the moons gargantuan shadow.



"Now! Like at this very moment?!"

"Yes! Right now!" I open my mouth to speak but silence follow.

"Let me go get a few things first." He pulls me off the step raising me up and slowly dropping me against his chest.

"No need for that, Love. We'll live like the hippies. Only buying things as we go." He spun us in circles and kisses the crown of my head.

"You're so drunk."

"We'll we better get a move on it then."

I turn to lock the door as harry drags me to his black Ford parked slightly too close to the sidewalk.

"Why would you drive here, drunk? Are you crazy?" he shrugged staring blankly at me. I grab his hands taking the keys from his palm. "You could have gotten into an accident."

"No one's out tonight. I'm fine." he says going for the keys in my hand and I pull back until we're face to face, lips to lips. "You're eyes are really blue." I push his chest away with mine, smiling.

"Inside the car, Hazz." Slowly he slides into the passenger side, his feet still dangling from the interior. "feet." He gives me an exasperated moan and tucks his feet inside, finally letting me close the door.

I drive down back rode's and empty streets, it was like the whole world had stopped, like I was in a dream. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Maybe I was dreaming. Maybe none of this was real and I was still in my own nest of solitude back at home. I look to Harry, his eyes half open and his hand tango-ing with the wind.  I decided not to wake up. If this was a dream than so be it. I would stay in dreamland as long as I could.

"No luggage?" the woman behind the International airlines desk said, eyeing Harry and then me. She looks around 25 with long blonde hair and unnerving charisma for anyone to be working at 3:00am. Harry shakes his head and looks to me as I walk off in the direction of the waiting room. I trail off into the semi-empty waiting room filled with businessmen in slacks and prestigious people on their cell phones.

"You okay?" He says placing a friendly, gentle warm hand along my waist pulling me close to his body. I rested my head in the curve of his neck and smile through the window overlooking the dark sleeping towns on England.

"I'm perfect." His eyes found mine and I gently brought my finger across his collar bone to his tattoo of a foreign language. He slowly grabs my finger and puts it back into my closed fist.


"Hazz" he kisses the tip of my nose and pulls me down onto the an empty bench.

I don't know how long we were in the waiting room maybe 30 minutes maybe an hour. All I can remember was watching the sun rise slowly above the luminous buildings stifling the vibrant pinks and oranges, a day that I never saw coming was finally here, and it was-perfect. hearing the murmuring of cellphones and quiet voices, feeling his soft brown locks in the slits of my fingers, all of his body heat absorbing into mine and leaving me paralyzed with pure joy. A feeling I have not felt for a long time. How could it be that this one person brought me so much joy and without him I was nothing. I really did feel like he was the other part to me, that I was incomplete without him.



*Sorry it took so long and it's not that good. I've had so much to deal with.*


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