Midnight Memories

I dont just want to know you. "He said,his lips pressed against my ear, sending ripples of pleasure down to my fingertips. "I want to know about you." I trembled under his touch, his soft yet big and rough hands so gentle against my bare shoulder.


8. Chapter Seven

Harry lays intertwined in the white alabaster sheets, his cheek plastered on the over flowing pillow. All of his hair drooped down onto his face, and his hands gripped the blinding sun. I stared at him for a moment ad trotted down the hall of the small condo directly on the ocean front. The sun shown through the glass walls casting my shadow over the breakfast nook sitting on the far right of the kitchen and elongated past the island to the marble cupboards.

I wore his shirt which stopped abruptly at the crease at the start of my calf. FUN. stretched over my chest making the U seem withered. I opened the refrigerator grabbing a fresh circle of Mozzarella and salami from the meat shack. Grabbing the eggs I set out on making two omelets and fresh orange juice. Being in a new country made me feel almost more alive than I was at home. The air smelled like nothing I could describe, there were so many things that could be distinctly brought into a characteristic like the fresh dew on grass in the early morning and your moms favorite vanilla perfume that you would steal before school to make yourself seem a little more grown up. I placed my hands on the metal rail of the balcony and leaned forward.

"Good Morning." I whisper, my voice echoing through the streets almost mimicking me.

"Well Good morning to you too." I quickly turn seeing Harry running his fingers through his thick brown locks, smiling at me. He stands in all his glory. No shirt, no pants, and no underwear!

"Good morning, Hazz." I say trying to keep my composure but he's already laughing twirling showing off his new "life style".

"Something smells good." I shield my eyes and slowly try to walk past him as he presses me on the threshold. "You cooking?"

"Yes, can you get pants on?" He looks down smiling.

"What? I thought I had some on." I shake my head and push past him heading to the kitchen.

"Pants Hazz."

"It's not like you haven't seen it before!"

"That is not the point!" I turn the corner and blankly stare at him. "And don't say it like that. You're making me seem dirty." He cocks his head and smiles turning to go back to the room. I turn back to the kitchen to take our breakfast off of the blazing eye and plate it on the glass table. The plate knocks against it with a slight clink as I sit them down gazing around the island and grabbing a wooden stool.

Harry makes his entrance this time wearing :I ♥ LONDON boxers with ting Big Bens randomly shoved between the darks spots. I smile and roll my eyes at his attempt and then finally make room for his stool. His eyes set slowly on the yellow and he goes to work shoving his face and twisting the plate to get better leverage on the other side.

"So what's on the agenda today?" I ask taking my first bite. He chews and sits back, looking hard at me.

"Maybe we could stay inside-all day." I glare at him.

"Or...we could go see the Sistine Chapel or go to the beach...I mean we're in Italy, there's so much to do!"

"We could do all of those."

"Ha-" The alternating vibration and chiming of my phone stops me mid-sentence. I quickly pick it up seeing a picture of me and Louis at a Foster the People concert.

"Who is it?"

"Lou."  Pushing my plate to him I stand and click accept. "Hello?"

"Why is your house empty? Like why aren't you in it?"

"Louis, I'm safe if that's what you're suggesting." A door slams in the distance and El begins to talk. "I'm on vacation." The panic in his voice subsides and there's a long sigh.

"Are you with Harry?"


"You guys need to tell people when you're leaving. You make people worry."

"We're sorry. We should have told you."

"I'm happy that you two are together and are happy again but when are you coming back?" Harry starts on my plate holding up two fingers.

"Two weeks." I say turning my back towards him.

"I have an interview in five. Call me later? Okay?"

"Yeah. I'll call."

"Bye, Quiin."

"Bye." His line clicks off and I sit my phone back down on the table. "I'm taking a shower. We are going somewhere."


"Do you want me to take the picture or not? Choose a pose and stick with it." I twist my body around to frown down on him so he would get the hint that I was not happy with his attitude. He frustrated-ly runs his fingers through his curls and positions his phone to snap the picture.

"Hold on!" I yell holding out my hand.

"Ugh! Quiin!" He drops his arms finding the seat of the bench and sinking into it.

"Sorry, I don't want to look ugly in my picture." I say sarcastically. I sink into the curve of his body and rest my hand on his blue flannel T-shirt. He brings his hand down to the nape of my neck and gently plays with the small hairs.

"Primping and prying won't help."I jerk my head up to stare at him. "I mean you're beautiful no matter what." I slowly sink back down narrowing my eyes at him.

"You better be as cliché as you can get." He laughs and rest his hand on the crown of my head kissing my forehead.

"Do you wanna go?"

"Go where?"

"To eat? The beach, anything." I grin because I know he's doing this to make me happy. I was already happy though I was with Harry, we weren't fighting, I finally got a day away from home which meant a day away from parents. I was starting to really think that I hated them. That was strange for me, I never hated anyone, or at least didn't try. I hated Harry at on point in time, when he left me and I fell through this deep hole and spiraled down to rock bottom, but that wasn't hate just remorse. When I thought that he was all that he was all that I needed to survive and more, and he left me and I found Connor again, I hated him and still very much do. More than I've ever known possible.

harry holds out his hand for me and I take it. We scenically walk around until the sun is going behind a crest hill flashing a gargantuan shadow of orange and purples. It's nothing like I've seen before. Like I'm in heaven.



*** Sorry for taking so long and it's not that good. I've found motivation again. If you're wondering it was the song "Story of my life" by One direction. Check it out!!!!***

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