Midnight Memories

I dont just want to know you. "He said,his lips pressed against my ear, sending ripples of pleasure down to my fingertips. "I want to know about you." I trembled under his touch, his soft yet big and rough hands so gentle against my bare shoulder.


10. Chapter nine

" Quiiny, wake up love." I stretch at Harry's words waking me from my sleep. Somehow he managed to get me off the plane and into a dimly lit hospital room. No ones here besides us, but I feel my heart leap at the idea of being here for Perry but also sad that I missed her birth. 

  "Where is everyone?" I ask groggily. He kisses my nose and helps me up.   

"They're in the nursery." I smile and wrap my arms around him. "She's beautiful." He whispers. "You have to see her."  I smile as he grabs my hand and weaves me out of the room and down the hall. My eyes adjust to the blinding light as high pitched voices greet me. 

  " Quiin!" Eleanor screams hugging me. "You're up finally!" Lou smiles at me and Liam continues to look through the window.   

"Where's Zayn and Perrie?" I ask pulling from El's hug.   

"He's helping her down." Liam looks at me his eyes sad and swollen.  I wonder why he looks so sad. Harry squeezes my hand and pulls his lips down to my ear. 

  "You should talk to him later." I nod and am pulled to the front of the group. Pink and blue tags surround the baby mangers. I scope the room and land on a small tan bundle, eyes shut and fingers curled around the blanket. Ella. 

"She's so beautiful. " I say crying. Harry laughs and pulls me around to face him.

"Don't cry." El puckers her lip and presses her hands against her cheeks. 

"You're making me sad."  Niall sighs. Lou shakes his head and we all turn to greet Zayn and Perry. Even in a hospital gown, red cheeks, and crazy hair she looks dashing. I wave instead of hugging her scared to hurt her but she pulls me into a hug. 

"Where is she?" Perrier asks trying to make room. She stops and covers her mouth when she finds her. 

"My baby." She cries. Zayn places his hand on her back and rest his head on her shoulder. 

"She looks like you, Per." He says and they stand there gawking at their miracle. 

"Liam." I say grabbing his hand and pulling him from the group. "Are you okay?" He half smiles and nods. "Liam you're not. What's wrong?" He rubs his hands together and shakes his head. 

"She left me." 

"Liam." I embrace him rubbing his back. "Are you okay?" 

"I don't know. I'm just really bummed." I shake my head. How could she have left him? They seemed so happy we had only been gone three days and she decided to leave him? He is heart broken which makes me heart broken. I hate seeing him like his because I never see them sad or him let alone. I've seen Harry cry once. I hug him again and feel his body shaking under mine. Is he crying? I look up from his chest to Harry who smiles at me and looks away back to Zayn and Perry.  


After staying a few hours at the hospital with the group Harry decides to take me home. It's going to be weird coming back home after being gone for what seems like forever. I don't want to leave without saying one last goodbye to Ella, so as we head down the elevator I take a quick photo of the baby and join him outside. 

"So, that was fun." Harry says, drumming his thumbs on the steering wheel to the sound of radioactive. 

"I can't believe they broke up." I sigh, looking to Harry. His grin fades and he glances at me. 

"I know. It's been hard on Liam. I'm going to go hang out with him tomorrow. Me Lou and Niall."

"I love how much you love them."

"They're family, Quiiny." His hand squeezes mine and I smile. I love how open he is sometimes, other times I wish he wold express himself more besides the occasional "Mmmpphhh". I remember him standing outside my window the night we fled to Italy. I can't believe at one point we weren't a couple, that I hated him! 


What if Liam stays like this forever. I know how it is suffering from heartbreak, I would never wish it on anyone and Liam could get any girl but i know how much he wishes it were Dani. Harry pushes my door open and stands on the porch with his lips extended. 

"Are you gonna give me a kiss?" He asks. 

"No." I tell him watching his face fall. "Come here." I grab his hand and pull him into my body, kissing him like I'd never see him again. He presses his hands on the middle of my back and drags his hand up to my neck, holding me close. My heart beats faster as I push him into the living room and he rests on the arm of the couch. 


"Shh." I whisper pulling at the roots of his curls. His lips taste so good, like peppermint. I tug at is shirt but he grabs my hand. 

"Are we going to have sex?" His eyes are unsure. 

"Umm...Ye-we don't have to." He smirks and kisses on my neck. 

"I want to." 


"But I don't have a condom." His tongue covers my neck and shoulders. 

"I'm on birth control. Remember?" He nods and tugs at his shirt and I pull at his belt. He peels his fingers around my bra and unhooks the clasps. 

"Let me get something off you." I laugh. He chuckles and leans back letting me seductively bite off his shirt. He burst out in laughter as I pull it off. 


"You're adorable." He says moving his mouth to mine. I grab a hold of his neck and hoist myself on him, feeling his pressure under me. 

"I haven't done this in a while." I tell him. He was my first 3 years ago and I haven't had sex since but tonight seemed like the perfect night. 

"I'll go slow." He says pressing into me. I yelp and hug his chest as his fingers dig into my back and move to each others rhythms. He grunts causing me to moan at his every movement. I never knew how good this was because the first time I was in too much pain to focus on the pleasure. I grind my hips against his and move my hands down to his shoulders looking him in the eyes. 

"I love you." I say.

"I love you more than anything." I smile and we come undone mixing with each others bodies as he falls backwards onto the couch. He laughs and wraps his arms around me. 

"I love you." He tells me. 

"You already said that." 

"Yeah, I know. I just love you." 




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