Midnight Memories

I dont just want to know you. "He said,his lips pressed against my ear, sending ripples of pleasure down to my fingertips. "I want to know about you." I trembled under his touch, his soft yet big and rough hands so gentle against my bare shoulder.


4. Chapter Four

"Quiin Foster?"

Some with sweaty palms and too much Botox says grabbing on my shoulders and kissing my cheeks says. I smile through it and I introduce Harry. They replicate and move on. I move through the ocean of people and try to steer clear of my parents but my Father spots me and Harry and i can hear him calling to me.



"Quiin? Quiin? Quiin!" I turn, forcing a smile and finally spot him sitting at a table with my mother, a family friend and Connor, my ex. Harry makes a very unsatisfied smile and I lead him to their table.



"Mother." I kiss her cheeks and move over to my Father. "Father." I do the same. My Dad smiles but I notice the hatred within in and he never focuses on Harry. My Mother acknowledges him but I soon wish she didn't.



"Quiin. You remember, Connor?" I nod and snuggle closer to Harry's warmth and his French cologne. How dare he bring him here, what did he plan to accomplish with it? For me to magically drop Harry's hand and fall into Connor's arms? "Won't you say 'hi'?"  I gave him a stiff smile and turned to face him.



"Hello, Connor." Harry pulls a chair out for me sit and I take it.



"Your Dad's a twat." He says lowering his lips to my ear. I pat his shoulder.



"Yes, I know." Harry sits beside me, placing his hand over mine, drawing attention to us. My Mother clears her throat.



"So, I see that you ring finger is bare." i nod. "Does Harry plan on putting a nice big diamond on it?"



"I do." He says his voice quiet shaky. "But your daughter is quiet keen on staying unwedded." She mumbles something under her breath and takes a long drink from her champagne glass.



"Connor is running a major business in Manchester." My father says also taking a sip from his glass. "Very prestigious."



"Harry has a major is Law and Business."



"Um, Quiin, love pasta." We all stop, bringing our gaze to him. He shrugs.



"Well as long as we're stating facts." I kick Harry's foot and stare at him.



"Not only in Manchester but in all of Northern England, Ireland, and Germany." Connor says glancing over at me hoping I would show signs of Impressions. I wasn't impressed in the least bit just a little sickly.


"Yes, it's very nice to know that you're doing well." I say and he nods in my direction trying to seductively make eye contact with me.


"What business are you in, Mr. Styles?" My Dad asks. Harry glances over at me like he definitely wanted to say something smart-ass-y.


"I do not run any businesses’ but I do plan on perusing a career as a lawyer. I am currently working in a bakery." They all nod their heads and clear their throats, unsatisfied.




Dinner is served and everyone eats in the dining hall, surrounded by live pianist and violinist. To formal for me to survive in. After everyone is done we go into the common area where everyone converses some more.


"Harry. I'm going to go freshen up." I say leaning up to his ear.


"Be back quickly, please."


"Of course." I head down the hall to the women's room on the right of the main opening. I spill my bag onto the counter and find my vintage tube of Summer Wine lipstick, Harry favorite, and apply it. The door squeakily tosses open.


"Someone's in here!" I yell, but the footsteps continue.


"I know." Connor says as I turn.


"You do know that the men's room is on the other side of the hall." He nods and smiles, showing his bright white teeth.


"Yes, I do. Ma'am."


"Then why don't you go across the hall?"


"Cause we need to talk." His eyes stare into the mirror, watching my lips. I pull the tube away and retract it, turning to him.




"A few things."


"Well I need to get back so hurry." He steps closer grabbing it from my hand.


"I remember when you used to be in love with me like you are with him."


"It was never love, Connor. It was-comfort." He laughed, twirling the lipstick around in his hand. I lean forward and grab it, with him snatching my wrist in a tight grip.


"it was love, you can't tell me any different." I pulled away my eyes locked on him. “I have everything that he doesn't have. A major business, money, everything! Why do you want him?" I wanted to hit him for at the times he showed that he had nothing that Harry had and he never would. Him being here made me furious but also intimated by him stature and I being vulnerable and unprotected thought through the question.


"It doesn't matter if you have money, Connor. The only thing that matters is if you treat me the way I'm supposed to be treated. If you don't try to pressure me to do things I don't want to do and lie to me."


"I never lied-" I shake my head cutting him off.


"I don't even care anymore because I have someone and you can't have me." I pack my up cosmetics, scattered on the counter, and go to leave. He immediately grabs my hand and pulls me around to face him.


"I can have whatever I please, even you. Sweetheart." I stumble back trying to pull out of his skin-pinching grip. I didn't want to go back to being owned like a possession like he had made me feel. He brought different girls home while we were together, but back then I didn't care because I didn't know love. I didn't know that when you loved someone, seeing them made you cry not out fear but love. I didn't know that when you loved someone they made your stomach feel like it had wings, that they were supposed to press lips against you face not hands.


He pulled me close to him and grazed my lips to his. Every touch I felt of his made me sick, made me want to bathe with a blow dryer rather than being next to him. My heart beat against my chest, making my body turn feverish.


"I still do love you. You know that right? I turned my head from his, his hands and dense fingers catching my chin and turning me to face him.


"Did my parents invite you to talk to me?"


"They did." My heart burst, I couldn't believe how they could betray me.


"I hate them."


"You don't really, do you Love?" I stayed quiet hoping someone would soon open the door. "You don't." His hands traveled down to my wrist and he held them next to his body.


"Should we do this, Love?" I automatically knew what he meant.


"Connor." He stared into my eyes, making everything more uncomfortable.


"Look at me. Quiin!" I snapped my head over to face him.




"I would really love it if you would co-operate."


"Connor stop-" He pushed him lips to my face, taking my breath along with the scoop of saliva from my mouth with his tongue.

 "Stop!" I pressed my fingers against his eyes until he stumbled back giving me a great running distance to the door. The chills from the adrenaline got that best of me and I missed a step falling to the floor. I couldn't believe this was happening. What was happening, all the thoughts of my childhood flashed through my mind. My mom pushing me on the swing telling me that everyone will leave me but never my mom or dad. How could be as stupid as believe her. I hated her! I wanted her to know that no matter what she did I would always despise her. His hands grabbed at my thighs and I just knew Harry would come and save me, he always did and he wouldn't let me down now.


"Harry!!" I scratched at the floor my fingers growing numb and bloody.


"Harry!" he said mocking me. How could someone I had known for 4 years become so evil? Even though he treated me like no person should ever be treated I never knew he was capable of hurting someone in this way.


"Harry!" He pressed my head down and suddenly my savior rushed into the room now skipping a beat, throwing him to the floor, I stepped back and went to call for help.














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