Midnight Memories

I dont just want to know you. "He said,his lips pressed against my ear, sending ripples of pleasure down to my fingertips. "I want to know about you." I trembled under his touch, his soft yet big and rough hands so gentle against my bare shoulder.


5. Chapter five

Liam held me tightly as i cried into his collar. I wasn't crying because only minutes before I had been assaulted in a bathroom, but because I slowly watched Harry being dragged off to a police car. How could this all be happening, tonight? Why had it happened and why was Harry being wielded away? It was all my fault, my fault for inviting them knowing something was bound to happen, my fault because i let them tear each other apart.


Liam rocked me back and forth rubbing my head. I could still feel Connor’s hands on me and I could only cry harder, my face becoming congested. Harry had pushed him down onto the floor and all I could see were his hands crashing into him, everywhere, like he didn't want to stop. I finally crawled over to them, trying my best to pry them apart.


"Harry, please!" Stop! Harry!" u was crying now out of fear. I wanted this be over. I grabbed at his hand and he pulled back flinging me across the room on my back.


"Quiiny?" he said apologetically. A woman in a frail gown stepped in covering g her mouth at the chaos displayed in front of her. He pulled his hands to his side and stood, his fist so bloody it made me sick. "Quiin!"


"Harry, you-"


"What did you do?" My father said stepping in, a large crowd behind him. His eyes immediately locked onto me and his face filled with anger and despair. "Call the police!" I scrambled to my feet going to the crowd and pushing through trying get as far away from this carnage as I could. It felt to cloudy and static-y, like a dream and I would wake up at home with Harry by my side telling me I was all he wanted and asking for my hand in marriage and I would turn him down one way or another.


Once i saw Liam and the guys making their way to the bathroom I knew it was real. I smacked into his chest, pressing my face hard against his rock hard chest.


"I think he killed him, Liam."


"What?" They all said, doing their best to comfort me but the sting in their voices was enough.


"He wouldn't stop. i think he's dead." Liam blew a courageous gust of air onto the crown of my head. I felt bad just leaving him there but I couldn't stay. Sirens wailed nearby and in a blur of soft palate color and horrifying glances, paramedics came to wheel Connor away and a police officer grabbed Harry.


"Hey!" I pulled away from Liam and nearly ran to them. "You can't take him. He was helping me. It was self-defense." He twisted the other cuff onto his wrist and pushed Harry out of the door.


"The boy is being seen, until he is checked out I take him away. “Harry looked over to me with sympathetic eyes. I chased them outside grabbing Harry's shirt and giving him a hug.


"I love you, so much."

"I love you too." He said faintly but I could hear him. I slipped down onto the grass watching him go away, Liam fell down beside me and grabbed my shoulder letting me know it was okay to slip back inside him and cry.


"It’s alright, love. We'll get through it."




The two days, two long dreary days that Connor was recovering from his inflictions: bruised wind pipe, broken nose, and fractured scapula; harry stayed inside a small jail cell waiting to be liberated. We got the call early in the day that our "prisoner" was ready for pick up. Like was a package and not indeed a human being. Louis, Zayn, and I went alone to retrieve him at the police station only 30 minutes or so out of town. The building made me psychically ill, but the more we came close to pick up the happier I became. Harry stood on the side of the gate with his tie pulled from his neck leaving a large hoop around it and his blazer slung over his shoulder.


"Well, if it isn't Danny Zuko." Louis said laughing, trying to make light. "I guess you’re not the only bad boy anymore." He said eyeing Zayn. Harry threw the side door open, giving me a heart wrenching stare.


"Hazz." I was so happy to see him I could cry.


"Did you get into any prison fights?" Zayn asks.


"Would I be here, if so?" he said scooting inside throwing his jacket on the floor. i slowly slid my hand over his and he flinched away like I had branded him. Harry stayed hostile towards me the whole ride home. There was nothing more heartbreaking that having Harry hate me, not looking at me or taking the time to speak to me, not even wanting to touch me. He didn't consider me at all. I could feel the tears stinging in the back of my throat as they pulled into their driveway, cutting the engine.


"Um, do you think you could take me home?" Harry snaps his glance over in my direction.


"Uh, I'll take her." Zayn and Louis looked at each other and mumble something slipping away without skipping a beat.  Harry pulled himself to the front and I stayed hidden in the last seat.


He pulled in front of my house and I fumbled with the door handle, finally releasing myself into the fresh air.


"Umm, By-"


"We need to talk." I slowly breathed out biting my lip, knowing and praying that he wouldn't say it.


"Okay." He slipped out of the car and stared at me, placing his hand on my cheek, seeming like forever.


"I'm sorry for- throwing you across the room." I slipped my hand on top of his and smiled.


"It’s fine, really."


"No it's not. I was unacceptable. You should never let anyone hit you. He shifted his weight and pulled his hand down to his side. “Me beating the crap out of him, that’s was because of you."


"Harry!" I felt like he just punched me in hit stomach.


"I didn't mean it like that." I just-I love you too much and I’ll hurt anyone who tries to hurt you."


"I love you too."


"I thought about it, sitting there for two days and I can't do it anymore." I stepped back, loosing air.


"Are you breaking up with me?"


“I- it’s hard being with you Quiin. I've never loved someone as much as I love you." I looked away from, a tear sliding down my cheek. Everything was over.


"So you're leaving me because you love me, I don't understand."


"I can't so that again. I had so much rage."


"It was self-defense. You just-harry. I-please?" The tears came faster than I could wipe away and grabbed my face in his hands and kissed my tearstained cheeks. "You can't"


"I'm sorry."

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