Midnight Memories

I dont just want to know you. "He said,his lips pressed against my ear, sending ripples of pleasure down to my fingertips. "I want to know about you." I trembled under his touch, his soft yet big and rough hands so gentle against my bare shoulder.


20. Chapter Eighteen

"You have more than 5 hours, Quiin. Calm down." My body doesn't know how to react, I'm pacing then sitting then laying on the small bed of Brett's childhood home. Posters of Spice girls line the walls and I think of how defensive he got when I called him out. 

"I know but I don't know what to do. Should I take a shower?" 

"Quiin, he's not gonna care what you smell like, okay?" Brett's hands  find my face and he forces me to look at him. "Your okay. You're fine." He laughs. "You have more than enough time to think about what you are going to do."  I nod and let his words wash over me as I run my fingers through my hair. 

"How is he going to get here?" That hasn't occurred to me yet, his car was totaled in the accident and I don't know if Liam is up for the long drive here considering his horrible break up and the fact that she has come to live in Portlyn only miles away from him. It pains me to see Liam like that all sad and frustrated. If Liam does bring him here what going to happen? I don't really want to rub my now blossoming relationship in his face while the black ashes of his lie at his feet. 

"He'll find a way." I know he will. I'm just wondering how. 


I take a shower and take my time washing and rinsing, washing and rinsing. Repeating this cycle until it feels like my skin is going to wash down the drain with the bubbles. It's only been an hour since the last time I've called him and staying in this now freezing cold water has cleared my head. 

"Quiin, it's Liam." 

"Alright." I call to him and wrap a towel around my body stepping out to grab my phone from him. 


"Quiin, Harry's not at the hospital. They called me about 25 minutes ago and they said he was missing. Do you know anything about it?" Missing? He's not missing I was just talking to him. 

"Wait so your not driving up here with him?" 

"No, why would I?" If Liam doesn't have him, then where is he and is he even on his way here? 

"I'll call you right back."

"Okay, if you find him tell him to go back. Who know what could happen?" I nod, piercing my lips together and dialing Harry's cell. 

"You've reached Harry, um if you're of any significance then leave your name and I should have the number. If not then leave your number." His voice-mail recites. Why isn't he answering?

Harry's P.O.V

"You what!" Lou shouts at me, slamming on the gas. "I could get sent to jail. That's kidnapping."

"Just drive Lou! You're wasting time." The more we sit on this freeway the less time I have with her, I try to jam his foot on the gas but nearly ram into the shoulder of an intersection. 

"You can't just leave a hospital without checking out. They'll be looking for you and when they find you they'll find me." 

"Stop bitching and drive."

"I'm being serious, Harry."

"I know you are." I know what I did will probably come to bit me in the ass but I don't care right now. that's not what I care about, I care about fucking Wisconin, I care about getting there as soon as I can and he's not aiding in this drive. 

"10 more hours, Lou. Come on!" He huffs. 

"Fine." I smile as he puts it back into drive and pushes down the Highway. 


It seems like I've spent eturnity in this God damned car waiting to show up in the dreadful town. granted I slept more than the whole ride here and my phone has been dead ever since I found it in a clump of random personal objects on the table at the hospital. Louis has been sent the address twice and I still can't remember it. 

"What is it? Is it this one?" I ask, peering out the window at the countless greens and yellows and whites. 

"1408." He tells me and it takes every anti- impulse in my body to not jump out of the moving car at the sight of the three story Forest green temple holding my precious girl inside. 

"Harry, wait." Lou calls as I march up to the black gate blocking me. The engine fades and I run up the stairs banging harder with every unnoticed knock. 

"Hello!" I know it's 2 in the morning but I could a fuck less.Like I've said this whole time, I'd do anything to get to this fucking girl.


Norie's P.O.V

The sound of a distant door opens and closes and drowns slowly with the sound of the fan constantly spinning. The house is dark and still and I've forgotten what I'm laying in the bed for, Brett's arms are rested on my forearm, our bodies closer than they should but Brett's become such a good friend that I'm comfortable with him. I Rest my hand on his and pull his thumb through the slit between my index finger and thumb. 

"It's early!" Brett's mom speaks. 

"I know, I just." Is that Harry? I raise from my spot pushing back Brett's arm and rush downstairs. I trip over the overly expensive rug leading into the living room but quickly get up and keep my pace. Harry stands in the Fourier, Lou behind him and my heart drops. 

"Harry?!" His smile is so inviting, to lovely and I wish I could treasure it forever. 

"Come here." He tells me, opening his arms. 

"I can't move." I cry. He takes two long steps and cradles me in his arms, pressing harder and harder, making it seem like our bodies will merge at any moment. 

"I forgot the way feel against me, your hair, your fucking scent. I missed you." I nod and press my face into his chest to stop the sobbing. 

"Well look at the happy couple." Brett's scratchy voice greets us. "I'm gushing." Lou adds. I press harder into his chest and let myself sink. I wouldn't mind lasting a lifetime in his arms. 


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