Midnight Memories

I dont just want to know you. "He said,his lips pressed against my ear, sending ripples of pleasure down to my fingertips. "I want to know about you." I trembled under his touch, his soft yet big and rough hands so gentle against my bare shoulder.


9. Chapter Eight

I lay in bed running my eyes over the small details in the high risen ceiling, oblivious to the ravaging storm taking place out in the world. The wind would swell and push the house from side to side, expanding and resting then slowly fading. I'm starting to think that the storm would never end or perhaps we would have a hurricane and that frightened me. I don't want to die here, if I was with Harry, even if it was amazingly gorgeous.

He placed his hand on my wrist and gently played with my sterling silver bracelet he had bought me the previous day. We had only been here a week and yet it felt like a day, a long continuous day of naps and sunrises. I don't want to leave even with a murderous storm knocking at our window panes.

"You alright, Love?" I smile, small but promising as he runs his hand up my forearm to my shoulder. "Does the storm frighten you?" His husky voice provides comfort for me, like a sanctuary from the storm. I am resting in the eye.

Time has gone by unnoticeably and by the look of the clouds that you can see the storm isn't going to die down anytime soon.

"Since when does it rain in Italy?" Harry stands behind me chuckling as I press the curtains back together.

"It rains everywhere, Quiin."

"Yeah? Well it shouldn't."  He rolls his eyes at me and snatches me close to his body.

"is the storm making some crabby?"

"No." I say sternly. he smiles bringing his eyes down to my eye level.

"I think differently. He drags me to the kitchen and we stand at the edge of the island. "Let's party." he picks up his white I pad and quickly shuffles through the list of songs and finds one of my favorites: "Every Tear Is A Waterfall" by Coldplay. he grabs my hand and shimmies his way to the middle of the floor and twirls me in place.

"I can't dance."

"Yeah? Well neither can I!" he stops and smiles at me. "Come on, show me something. You can not have known me for this long and still be embarrassed."

"You're make everything embarrassing."

"come on, Quiiny. We can do the dirty dancing move." I stare at him blankly.

"I will fall."

"Come on." he stands in and shakes his hips from left to right and turns in place. "Do you know how disastrous I look right now? It's like watching a dying bird flop around. You can do much better."

"I'm actually loving this right now." I say laughing. The music is interrupted by the soft murmur of my phone vibrating in my back pocket. "Zayn's calling." I say checking my screen, revealing a picture of Zayn kissing Perrie on the forehead. Harry turns to his I pad and kills the music.

"Hey, Zanelle."I say playfully.

"Quiin?" The desperation rings out in his voice and his breathing becomes shallow.

"Zayn? Are you okay?"

"Are you around Harry? I need to talk to both of you." I look up to Harry who is standing with heavy signs of confusion on his face. I put the phone down on the edge of the counter and press the speaker button. 

"Zayn, what's going on, mate?"

"Perrie, she's in labor!" I stare up at Harry as his bottom jaw drops and he stumbles back.

"Right now." His gaze falls on the room and he quickly walks inside picking up.

"Yes. Can you get here? How long is the flight?" I swallow my shame and silently pierce my lips together and stare out at the storm brewing into a disastrous battlefield.

"Yeah, I don't think we're going to be making it."

"What? What do you mean?"

"It's storming pretty hard out. Like hurricane weather." He sighs and El's voice takes the stand.

"You guy's have to get here. Is there another airport?"

"El there is no one in their right mind that's going to fly someone in this weather. Not if they want to die."

"You guys have to find a way, she's close." Perrie says something muffled in the background and El silently sighs clicking off her line. I quickly shuffle into the room finding Harry gathering the few clothes we have, sitting them by the door.

"Harry?" He ignores me placing more blags down. "Harry? Harry!"

"What?!" I stare at him blankly.

"What is your problem? I'm not the one who dragged us out here. Don't yell at me. We will get there, everything will be fine but if we drive in this weather we risk our lives." He runs his fingers through his locks and stares at me apologetically.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap. I just have to be there.I promised him."

"Harry. They'll understand, they'd rather you come when you can then die trying to rush home." He smiled at me and touched my wrist handing me a bag.

"You're really smart you know that?" I nodded touching his wrist as well.

"I know, and that's a good thing because you don't think when you set your mind on something.You're like a bull and I love you but you need to think." I looked down at the floor as I felt his feelings in that moment the need to be there for a friend, the feeling of being needed. "We can drive, carefully. I want you to be there. I want to be there." We all discussed this in Perrie's first week of being  pregnant. We all had to be there once she had the baby, we all to experience it for ourselves because we were all going to be her God-Parents. This meant a lot to him just like it meant a lot to me and I couldn't imagine not being there for the both of them.

I grabbed my coat and pulled it on quickly grabbing a few bags and running to the car nearly getting blown away. Harry grabs my sleeve to keep me steady and throws the bags into the backseat and puts me int the passengers seat. The door slams with a clod splatter of rain.

"Alright. Here we go." His hair densely lays upon his forehead in wet spirals. He looks so perfect."Let's find an airport."

We drove for hours before we finally came to a beautiful, dry countryside. harry rolled down his window to flag down passing vehicles. A blue Sedan screeched to a stop parallel to us, a blonde woman eagerly rolling down her window.

"Ciao." he said sticking his head out. "Sai dove l'aeroporto più vicino è./Do you know where the nearest airport is?"" he says catching my attention making me stop observing the fields. "Do you know where the nearest airport is?" he says now in English.

"Sì, la strada in quelle colline/ Yes up the road in the hills."

he bites his lip and looks forward pointing upward towards a row of green tidal waves. They talk more and laugh and finally he waves. "Grazie.Addio!" She pulls away smiling as Harry turns to me.

"I didn't know you could speak Italian." He squints at me like I should have known this whole time." I learned it in law school."

"Ooohh." He rolls his eyes playfully and laughs.

"There is a family owned 'airport' in those hills. She says they're not that expensive."

"Let's try." He gingerly shrugs and drives on reaching a massive gated yard connecting a white picket sign reading : Mia Famiglia. He drives through up the winding driveway and finally reaches the top, decked with an enormous white barn house.

"Ciao?" He screams.

"I don't think anyone is home." He looks around and steps out the car walking up to the house as I follow. A piercing disturbing scream echoes from the back of the house causing me to grab hold of Zayn's arm. like it was life raft. Moments later a goat runs past us followed by a small woman with shiny thick ravens hair. She squints at us in a questioning stance and they exchange greetings in Italian. She then smiles and grabs Harry by the sides of his face and kisses both cheeks twice, walking us to the house. I look to Harry whose smiling so big and blushing so much that I could of sworn he had a thing for her.

"Italian women, they just get me." I laugh rolling my eyes at him and walking through the tight squeezed threshold. She brings us inside, decorated with marble, stain glass, and Italian comfort décor. it's absolutely gorgeous like I'm standing back at the Sistine chapel this time completely made of windows. She takes us to her living room filled with a family. A little girl sits on the floor indulging herself in a mickey mouse coloring book, two teenagers; a boy and a girl, sit on the couch watching a sitcom and an older man sits across from them reading something from his phone. they stare up at us as she starts to speak and soon it's a big confusing room of foreign words and then it gets silent. Harry bands down to my ear and silently whispers, "say something."

"Lie what?"

"Uh, Ciao, Sono contento di essere a casa vostra. Sto Quiin/ I'm pleased to be in your home. I'm Quiin."

"What does that mean?"

"say it." He nudges. I obey and they begin to bombard me with more words.

"See what you did."
 The mother finally presses her lips against my cheeks kissing both. She says something to me as I look up to Harry.

"She says you're very beautiful." I look down at her and repeat it. I mean she was extremely gorgeous.

"Harry ask her about the plane."

"Oh yes I forgot." he sighs and starts to speak. it amazes me how little I know about him, like the years we spent together was him catering to me and trying you know me and me never getting to know anything about him. What was our relationship? Did we have a relationship or just think we did because we felt a passion for each other not necessarily love? I glanced at him being such a friend among this sea of strangers. How he loved everyone. It had to be love, it couldn't,  be anything else, yes there was passion but the passion you experience when you meet that person that you know you were meant to be with and thinking back on your past relationships you cringe at how you had settled for something that was beneath the love you deserved and the love he presented to you.

I was sure he was the one I wanted to marry, if he asked there would be no hesitation no need for a stumble here or a mispronunciation there. Just, yes.


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