Ariana Evans has been under the rule of her evil stepmother for 12 long years. She doesn't have time for much, let alone a social life, since she is basically running her father's popular, old bookshop cafe. Ari wants to free herself from her stepmother, but she just can't. One day this amazing girl is going to snap, and what she has been wondering is, "If I have a wicked stepmother, where's my prince?"


2. Nothing To Wear

"Crap..." I mumbled, rifling through my closet. I had just gotten out of the shower and was going through my clothes trying to find something suitable for school. Although my warden was cruel, she still bought me clothes. on the down side, the clothes she bought me always made me feel like a slut. My usual outfit to school was a big sweater, a pair of loose jeans, and a pony tail but the clothes that I had to choose from were skinny jeans and those crop tank tops I always see Britney and Mathilda wearing. Oh well, I thought to my self, at least I can wear a huge sweat shirt over the outfit. With this, I threw on a dark wash pair of distressed skinny jeans, a floral crop tank top, and a huge sweat shirt to cover almost all of me, about to my knees, curled my hair for a change, and was out the door.

Vivian was sitting in her car looking bored and texting who knows. See, Vivian is actually slightly popular while me? Not in the slightest bit. In fact I'm actually-

"So 'Adrian'," putting emphasis on that nickname because she knows I hate it, "what did Bitchney, Sluthilda, Micah, and Plastic face have you do this morning?"

I chuckled lightly at her nicknames and responded, "it's Ariana, oh and the same as yesterday... Except Micah had a surprise in his room for me!"

Viv's eyes grew wide then narrowed, "what kind of surprise...?"

"We'll let's just say I'm wearing this because of it," I sighed.

Viv gasped when I lifted my sweatshirt off, then squealed like a little girl in a candy shop. 

"You look soo good Aria!!" My best friend gushed.

I smiled then looked away. Lets just say I'm not the most confident person you'll meet, especially when at school.

"Whatever..." I sighed, looking at my shoes, "I kinda feel like I look like Britney and Mathilda though..."

"Oh believe me" Vivian responded, "you look nothing like them. They look like sluts, you look like a model."

I blushed bright red at that complement and put my big sweatshirt back on as we pulled up to our school. I then pulled up my hood to cover my ugly hair and hopped out of the car. As we walked through the busy hallways of our school, people waved to Vivian and sneered at me. I noticed that one person in particular was glowering at me. Britney, My step sister, had made it her personal job to torment and harass me as much as possible and at the moment, was whispering something into Mathilda's ear. They had been best friends since who knows how long and everyone considered them sisters since Mathilda basically lived at our house. Any-who, the sluts were grinning like mad men and Britney was smirking as she walked over to me, while Mathilda wandered off.

"Awwww," she cooed,"look at my little ugly, plain-Jane sissy!" 

Vivian stepped in front of me and stated, "Leave her alone, Bitchney." 

"What did you just call me?" Britney screeched causing the entire school to look at us.

"You heard me, Bitchney," Vivian said, putting emphasis on the name,"And its Stepsister, Bitchney. I'm more of a sister to her than you'll ever be."

Britney glanced behind me and smirked as I turned around to face Mathilda. Before I had time to react, Mathilda poured a red slushy down my sweatshirt yet it amazingly did not get anywhere else. I sputtered and the entire school stood there, taking pictures of me. To finish my earlier sentence, I was bullied. No, more like tormented. But it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. I stood there feeling humiliated until Vivian finally pulled me into empty classroom. The hallway started to clear and I peeked out, just seeing the whore twins smirk at me before walking away.


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