Celebrity Fan Fics :)

Hey guys, I'm writing short fan fics of your choice!
It can be any celebrity (Preferably a sexy one ;P).
Just comment your name, age, what scenario and of course, your celebrity!
I will do all of them, so I hope you enjoy them!
Rach xo.


4. For Hellooooooooo!!!! :)

 I had a secret video game obsession. Michael didn't know that yet. He had always beaten me, so he thought that he was the best. But when I arrived at his house - for our dinner date that we have every Friday night - I was definitely going to beat him. I couldn't wait to see his reaction.

I turned up at his house and skipped to the front door. On Friday nights, he always kicked out all his siblings and parents. Every week I say the same thing.

Why don't they stay, I really don't mind.

But he just rolls his eyes and answers with the same thing.

But I just want to keep you all to myself!

I smiled at the thought as the I knocked three times. Michael opened the door slightly and poked his head out. Then he quickly opened it, pulling me into a hug.

'Kat!' he yelled.

As I hugged him back - trying to breathe - I yelled back, 'Michael!' He spun me around while walking inside. He put me down and kissed me. He took a step back and eyed me suspiciously.

'What?' I asked.

'You kissed differently today,' he replied. 'You want to tell me something, what is it?'

'Nothing, I don't want to say anything,' I said. 'Except, I love you!'

He stared at me for a few more moments, then smiled.

'I love you too,' he replied.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me toward his room. He had our favourite video game already set up on the main menu. I smiled and made myself comfortable on his bed. He handed me a ps3 remote as I prepared myself to beat him.


'Yes!' I screamed. 'Another kill!'

'What the hell!?' he screamed back.

I laughed loudly as he tackled me off his bed. I landed on top of him and he started tickling me. I screamed and tried to pull myself away from him, but he had a firm grip on my waist.

'Stop!' I screamed, still laughing.

'Not until you tell me how you beat me all of a sudden after being so terrible,' he replied.

'There's nothing to tell!' I said. 'It's just good luck!'

'No it isn't, you're terrible at games, tell me,' he replied.

He tickled me one time, but I finally gave up.

'Fine!' I screamed.

He stopped and sat up with me sitting on his lap.

'I--I have a video game obsession,' I said, awkwardly.

'You do?' he asked.


Then he suddenly kissed me passionately. He leant away and smiled at me.

'What was that for?' I asked.

'I love you so much,' he said, kissing me again.

'I love that you love me.'

'I love that you love that you love me.'

'You win,' I replied.

'Yes!' he said kissing me once more.

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