Celebrity Fan Fics :)

Hey guys, I'm writing short fan fics of your choice!
It can be any celebrity (Preferably a sexy one ;P).
Just comment your name, age, what scenario and of course, your celebrity!
I will do all of them, so I hope you enjoy them!
Rach xo.


2. For cambamroxluvs1d (Cammy) :)

 As I stood onto  the sand, I held my breath, bracing for what might come next.

'Keep them closed,' Luke whispered.

He let go of my hands as I heard him walk away.

After a couples of minutes I started to get worried - and awkward.

'Luke?' I asked.

'Wait!' he screamed, sounding excited and stressed at the same time.

I smiled to myself I heard him running around everywhere. Finally, he stopped, I could hear him panting.  He grabbed my hand again and lead me forward.  I gripped his hand tighter as we came to a stop.

'You ready?' he asked, supressing his excitement.

I laughed nervously as I thought about my answer. 'Uhh, yeah?'

'OK,' he said. 'Here.'

I slowly opened my eyes.  My focus cleared and I saw the most beautiful thing.

There was a path of glow sticks heading passed different areas of things Luke had set up. He entwined his fingers with mine as we headed to the first part.  We walked up to a table covered with picture frames of Luke and I at different stages of our lives. There was one of us when we were just friends, crushes, then dating. It was so adorable! There was a rose that was lying on the table as well.  Luke grabbed it and handed it to me.

'Thanks,' I whispered, smiling.

He smiled back, that gorgeous grin everyone loves.

We started walking to the next part, possibly my favourite thing.  It was a slide show of the best moments we had together.  As I was staring at my own memories, Luke walked forward and grabbed another rose. I looked down at it and tried not to blush.

'You didn't need to do this,' I said.

'I know,' he answered. 'I wanted to.'

I smiled again as he reached for a camera on the table in front of us.

'Sweet or silly?' he asked.

'Sweet,' I replied poking my tongue at him.

He pulled me closer, holding the camera up.  I closed my eyes, smelling the roses as Luke kissed me on the cheek.  I saw the flash from behind my eyelids and opened them again. He let go of me, plugged the camera into the computer and transferred the photo. As I waited for the photo to pop up, I was humming 'Out Of My Limit' to myself.

'Good song choice,' Luke grinned to himself.

Awkward. I didn't know he could hear me.

'Only the best,' I answered.

He laughed and stood back up next to me. The picture drifted onto the screen with a love heart border around it.  I raised my eyebrows at the corniness of it but just giggled. We were just staring at that picture for a while, as he kept kissing the top of my head, holding my waist.

Luke lead me to a laid out blanket surrounded in glow sticks. He let me sit down first, laying a blanket over my legs. He sat down next to me and entwined our fingers once again. Then it hit me.  He set up two tables with two roses, he remembered my lucky number (I know it's probably not). I told him that almost a year ago, I can't believe he remembered.

'I love all this,' I said, leaning on his chest.

'Only the best,' he replied. I felt him grin as I reminisced to myself.

Then I looked up at where we were. The beach where we first met. Now that was a funny time...and most embarrassing. But that's another story..

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