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16. Tieran &Niall

You lay beside Niall, in his arms. 

"Tieran, you know I love you" he says, kissing your forehead. 

"Tell me something I don't know" you joke, he laughs.

"Ok um, I'm wearing blue boxers" he says, makig you laugh.

"Gross!" You tease.

"And you're wearing pink" he says, you freeze.

"I'm kidding!" He says.

You take a big breath in relief. 

"Maybe..." he says. You playfully hit his chest.

"So harsh?" He pouts.

"Whatever" you smile.

"Are you feeling better?"he asks.

"No, still have that stupid cold" you sigh. He strokes your hair, saying that you'll feel better soon. He places his hand in yours, and you smile. You sneeze out of know where, you've been holding the sneeze in but it fianlly came out.

"Bless you babe" he says.

"I feel like a deflated whoopie cushion" you say, coughing. 

"Hey, I know your sick but can me and my princess take a photo?" He asks.

"Niall, right know I feel horrible, I don't feel oike taking a photo" you whined. He continued to beg and beg and you replied with 'no'. He got up and went over to the computer and took a selfie on put it on Twitter. 


"@NiallOffical: here w/ my sick princess. We gona cuddle, watch movies and stuff our faces! Luv you my fans!" He posted.


You smiled as you heard him type.

"Now wear where we?" He smirks, leaning in.

"Niall you're gonna get sick" you say, stopping him from kissing you.

"Don't care" he says, leaning in closer.

"Don't say I warned you Horan" you say, closing the gap in between you both.



I tried to make it sweet and funny! Sorry of it's short! :/ been busy with all my movellas!


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