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5. Tia & Harry

You feel the sand touching your feet and you smile. 

"You really love the beack don't you?" Harry asks.

"Yes..i do. It's beautiful, look at the waves, so inspiring" you say looking at the water.

"Tia, will you ever want to marry me someday?" Harry asks looking serious. 


"Yes, I would love to be Mrs.Styles" you say and smile.

"We could get married at a beach 'cause it's peaceful like when we are together and 'cause you like it. All of our friends and family can come, and you'll look so beautiful in your wedding dress" he says.

Harry smiles and notices you have tears in your eyes.


"What's wrong babe?" He asks.

"Nothings wrong, ever since we met each other my life seems so perfect. We complete each other" you say and smile. Harry smiles too and kisses your check.


"We're silly Harry. We go to the beach when its almost freezing" you giggle.

Harry laughs and picks you up and carries you to the water. You see his feet in the clear water.

"Harry you gotta go back or you'll freeze!" You shout.

"No I'm fine! Look its a beautiful sunset!" He smiles.

"Yes it is...no go back before you catch a cold" you say. Harry goes back to the sand and puts you down.


"Harry, do you really wanna marry me?" You ask and look at your feet. 

"Don't you believe me?" He asks and looks at you,

"No, I mean I'm just Tia, a normal girl. And you're Harry Styles, from One Direction..you know what I mean?" You say.


"I don't wanna be Harry from One Direction, I wanna be Harry, your boyfriend, husband, lover and the father of your children. Understand that?" Harry says before kissing your cheek.



Tia, I hope you like the surprise! 

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