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11. Tess & Liam

"Tess, what is it with you and bands?" Liam teased as he sae your romm for the first time.


"Oh what, like you don't have an obsession to?"you ask, sitting crossed legged on your bed, Liam joining you.

"Yea its called My Super secret Obsession of Tess" he says, you laugh. 

"No you don't" you playfully hit his chest.


"But you have an obsession of Batman" you say, he flashes you a smile.

"But MY room isn't filled with tons of posters of batman. Its kinda creepy" he says.


"My room is not creepy" you say, leaning in to kiss him. You heard someone clear their throat at your door way.


"Oh um, hi dad" you say quickly getting off your bed.

"And who are you?" Your dad asks Liam.

"Dad, this is Liam" you explain.

"Hello sir" Liam greets your father. 

"Why are you kissing my daughter? " your dad asks.

"Dad, he's my boyfriend. " you explain. When you said that, your father called out to your mother.


"Sweety! Our little girl is growing up!" He says, leaving you and Liam alone in your room. You can't help but blush.


"Well that went well" you say, lightly kissing Liam on his lips.

"Better than I expected" Liam says, laughing. 



Looks like your dad may like your future boyfriend.....:D

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