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3. Stephanie & Niall

You eagerly rushed through what seemed to be all your clothes. You, Stephanie, are gettig ready for your date with Niall. You two have been dating for a long time, but never had some alone time. Since Niall finally came back from his tour in America, you both have the chance the go on a first official date. After searching through both yours and your bestfriends clothes, you found the perfect outfit.


**buzz buzz**

Your phone vibrated. 

'I'm outside -Niall' the text read.


Your face grew a smile, just seeing the text made you smile. You tok one good long look at yourself in the mirror.


"you can do this" your bestfriend encouraged you. You smiled and opened the door.


"Hi Niall" you said, as he turned to face you. Niall seemed shocked.

"Wow" he said, causing you to blush.

"Niall, my eyes are up here" you joke, noticing him to constantly check you out.


"Cource" he says, taking your hand and leading you to his car. The car ride was kind of quiet since you to both haven't seen each other in a while. You finally arrive at the restaurant. 


"Evening. Reservations?" A lady behind a small counter greeted. 

"Yes two. Under Horan" Niall says, placing his arm around your waist when he mentioned 'two'. You noticed that everybody who was eating were feedig each other, and with blindfoldes?


"Niall why are they blindfolded?" You asked, slowly facing him.

"It's the fun part" he laughs, grabbing the blindfolds from the lady. He placed on yours and he placed his. You couldn't see anything but darkness. 

"Niall, I don't want to fall" you say, grabbing his hand.

"You won't if you do I'll sue" he joked. You couldn't help but let out a giggle. You felt a person grabbing your other hand.

"Follow me to your table" they say. Once you figured out that it was a waiter, you make a small chain leading to your table. Once you both sit, the fun began.


You grabbed to what felt like some kind of food and tried to feed Niall. 

"Stephanie, that's my cheek" he says.

"Sorry" you luagh. During the dinner, you both didn't get much food. You couldn't help but lift your blindfold. You grabbed a fry and fed it to him.

"Thank god you found it" Niall said, chewing the fry. You completely took off you blindfold, making sure waites weren't around.

"Take off your blindfold" you whisper. 

"Your so sneaky...I like it" Niall responded, taking off his.

After you two both took the blindfolds off, you stuffed y'alls faces with food.


"We is about to close" a waiter said.

"Crap" he said.

"Lost of time huh?" You asked. After paying for the food you both sit in his car.

You notice Niall, and couldn't stop laughing. 

"What?" Niall says.

"Your...your face..." you said, laughing hystericaly.

"W-what??" He repeated. 

"Its...covered in food!" You say, laughing even more now. He looks into the visor and wipes off the food.

"Oh yea?" Niall says, before wiping it on your face.

"Ahh! Niall!!" You scream, still laughing.

"I will if you kiss me!" He says, now laughing. 

You continue laughing as he tries to rub the smashed food onto your face.

"Deal" you laugh, now sitting up. Nial stops and smiles. He looks into your brown eyes. Leaning in closer, he continued looking into your eyes.

You closed the gap between both of you. You finally pull apart from each other.

"Steph, we should go before it gets too late" Niall says, biting his bottom lip.  

"ok" you smile,


After not seeing him, this date not only was fun but also perfect because you finally got to spend time with Niall.



Hope you liked the date!


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