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23. Sarah & Hazza

"Hi Sarah" Harry, your bestfriend, greeted you.

"Hey" you replied before giving Harry a friendly hug. You loved those; you called them a 'Style Snug'. You liked a lot of things about it, how protected you felt, and from it coming from Hary, made it special. You've always liked him, but never had the guts to let him know; always afraid of him having other feelibgs, or rejecting. 


Today, although, was gonna be different. After 2 years of being bestfriends, you were finally gonna do it; tell Harry how you felt.


"Harry? Can we talk about something? " you ask.

"Sure" he said; facing you.

You took a deep breath, looked into his green eyes.


"We've been friends for a long time now..." you began. You looked in his eyes again; taking a long time trying to figure out how to tell him.


"Yea..?" Harry said; eager for you to continue.  



"I just wanted to tell you how happy I am to have a friend like you", you bailed out, you decided not to tell him last second. 


"Me too..." Harry replied; sighing.


Hours passed as you both talked about alll the memories as friends over the passed year.


"Remember that time when you lost your voice and you made me talk for you?" You said in between laughs.

"Or that time your dad sang 'wreaking ball' in front of all are friends, but instead of saying ball he said balls??"

"Haz, that was yesterday" you faced palmed; hiding your smile but still laughing. 


"Why do you do that?" 

"Do what?" You asked.

"Hide your smile"

"I don't know"

"You should know" Harry replied in a serious voice.

"I, I guess I just don't like my smile" you said.

"Well I do, it's pretty, like you"

"Ha ha ha, very funny" you mocked.

"I'm being serious. Don't it pretty, you're pretty"


"Har-" he cut you off.

"Alex, you're beautiful, funny, and creative. No wonder why I like you.."

"Harry.. did you jus-"

"I always wanted to tell you, you don't to tell me that you don't feel the same way" he said; standing up. You thought to yourself as he walked closer and closer to the door to your house.


"I gotta go" he said; facing the door but not touching the knob.

You went up behind him and hugged him from behind. 


"Don't go.."you whispered. 


"I love you...." you whispered again. He turned to face you; without any words further spoken he kissed you, softly and passionatly.


You smile as you both slowly pulled away; placing your forheads against the other.


"I've waited so long to do that..." Harry smiled.

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