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6. Sabrina & Harry

Today, didn't seem like a great day, possibly the worst day. You are tired from struggling school and a half time work. Honestly, you don't know how people survive this. 


You just came to your boyfriend, Harry's, house from a long day at work.You didn't feel that good, you didn't know how to tell Harry the bad news.. You felt bad that you could just break at any moment.


"How was your day?" Harry asks, kissing your cheek.

"Terrible" you answer.

"Sabrina, everythings gonna be ok" he says.

"No it's not" you say.

"Yes it is babe" he responds, now holding your hand. Some reason, you became frustrated. 


"No it's not Harry. I always say it os and it isn't! I got fired today! How is it gonna get better?!" You say, before storming out of the room. You go straight towards a bedroom to cry. You couldn't explain what you were feeling. You felt stressed, tired, and mad. You loved your job, workig with kids, you loved it. And you being fired, doesn't help. You lay on the bed, silently crying. You hear the door open, but don't bother seeing who it was. Suddenly, your hand is held by another, and you hear Harry singing to you.


"You're hands fits in mine likes it made just for me..but bare this in mind it was ment to be" he slowly sings. You turn over so you can face him.


"I'm sorry I went off you like that..I didn't mean to" you say.

"Don't worry, we all had bad days" he whispers. 

You layed in each others arms.

"Hey, at least now I can spend more time with my love" he says.

"Same here...same here" you say, wiping away the old tears.

"Love you babe" you say, now playing with his hair.

"to the moon and back" he says.

"Yes, to the moon and back" you echo.


You knew from that point on, that no matter what, Harry will always come when your most needed. 'To the moon and back' you kept in mind.



I hoped you like it! And the song Little Things!!!


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