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9. Rebekah & Louis

You waited eagerly for your boyfriend, Louis, to come over your house. So, like usual you checked your Twitter to see if anything was new. You saw tweets like;


" @Rebekah♡ you're so beautiful! " & 

" I wish I was like @Rebekah♡ lucky girl!" 


You couldn't help but smile. You loved the fact that the fans seemed so supportive about you and Louis' relationship. You decided to see more, but that was a terrible mistake you soon will be making. Expecting to see more compliments you saw things like;


"@Rebekah you don't deserve Lou!" &

"@Rebekah♡ stay away from MY boobear!!!!"


You couldn't help but let a few tears fall your eyes. You were too upset that you didn't notice Louis come into your room. You felt his arms wrap your waist. You quickly wiped away your tear before he noticed it.


"Hey babe, missed you" he said, planting a small kiss onto your neck.

"Hey Lou" you say in a shaky voice,

"Anything wrong babe?" He asked.

"Nothing" you said.

"Something is wrong, tell me" he said, holding you tighter. 

"Just a bit sick" you lie.

He smiled and kissed your cheek. You both sat in each others arms. 


You did nothing, which felt like everything. You and Louis had started taking selfies before you had to go use the bathroom. 


"I'll be back" you say, before going to the bathroom. You left your phone with him, without thinking. 


"What are you doing?" You asked, when you finished. He was on your phone, but not taking pictures


"You arent sick aren't you? You were crying..." he mumbled. You stood there at the doorway, listening to him talking to you.


"You arent ugly Rebekah, you're beautiful" he said, still facing at the the little screen. 

You sat at the edge of the bed, upset of him finding out what you were upset about.


"Rebekah, if I could give you one thing about you, it would be the ability to see yourself through my eyes, so you could see how beautiful, special and perfect you are to me.." he said, placing your phone down. You look down at the floor.


"You're just saying that..." you mumble. 

"No-no I'm not. You are, every inch of you is perfect, beautiful, and most importantly, you. I love the way you laugh, your brown eyes, your smile, and that little sparkle in your eye when you talk about the thing that make you happy.." he explained. You couldn't help but blush.


"I love you" you say, standing up so you could hug him.

"Louis, if you could describe me in a word...what would it be?" You ask.

"Mine" he said before pulling you into a passionate kiss.



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