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18. Noel &Harry

One Direction are coming to your town and everytime you think about it you smile. You are thrilled about it you feel like you're gonna faint.


"They're almost here!" Your bestfriend tells you. You hug her in excitement. You hear voices and screams.


"I think their here!" You squeal. You're standing in a queue and waiting for the boys. All of a studded you hear, "Yea". 

"Oh my god! They're here!!" You say.

"Hello!" Louis says to the crowd with his arms out open. Your heart skips a beat-they're acually here.


You try to see them but people are pushing you. You sit on a bench and your eyes meet- Harry Styles. 

Harry looks at you waves and smiles.


"Excuse me but I think you're at the wrong place, Miss Universe contest is over there" he says pointing to the left. You smile and blush. He winks as you stand up from the bench. 


"Oh my god!" Your friend says as she grabs your hands.

"What was all that about?" She asks.

"I don't know" you whisper and bite you lip as you see him walk away. You're standing at the queue for hours.

"Ok, lets go" management says.

"No we don't! I was blinded by a girls beauty! And I need to see her! I need her name, and number..understand Paul?" you hear Harry say-who was he talking about?


You're almost there- you see Zayn and Niall talking to fans. You see Niall throw a cap of a sharpie to Harry's head. Harry leans over the table, you can see his hair. As you get closer you see Harry lay across the table; all the boys groan. When he sees you he smiles and you see his dimples. You turn around weather he's looking or not.

"Hey beautiful!" You hear. You see Harry staring at.

"Me?" You ask. He nods and points at you. Liam comes up towards you.


"Hey my curly friend wants to know if you think he's cute" Liam tells you, pointing at over to Harry. You smile as Liam hand over your CD. You look behind Liam to see Paul pulling Harry off of the table.

"Sit, good boy" Paul mocks.


"Have a nice day" he says before you hand over the CD for Harry to sign. "Hello" Harry greets you.

"Hi Harry" you whisper. 

"You alright? " he asks. 

"Yes I am. Thank you"

"Can I ask you something? " harry says, signing it. You nod as you look at him.

"Can I have a photo? " he asks.


"Shouldn't I be the one asking you for a photo?" You laugh. 

"Well I want to show Santa what I want for Christmas" he smiles.

"Nope, I'm not that easy" you say, walking away. 


You hear, "ooh burn Hazz!" As you walk away.

"Shut up Lou" you hear Harry say. You hear a bang and feel a hand touching yours; you quickly turn around.


"I'm sorry I didn't even get your name" Harry pouts.

"Noel" you smile.

"Her name is Noel" he sings.

"Teenage Dirtbag" you say.

"Well Noel your name is beautiful; like you" he says as you blush.

"Can I have your number?" He asks. You roll your eyes as you give him your number. You smile and walked away. Again, you feel another hand grab yours.


"And Noel, your a girl definitely worth a fight"

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