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7. Melissa & Niall

You got ready for the One Direction concert that you and your bestfriend were about to attend. You chose the cutest outfit you found. A white shirt with skinny black jeans and bright green shoes. Your bestfriend thougt you looked weird but it was who you are, and you loved you, flaws and all. 

After mintues of what seemed to be endless driving you both finally arrove at the concert. You show the tucket booth person your tickest and entered the arena. It seemed so hug. You and your bestfriend both seemed to be really early. 


"Melissa you ok?" Your friend ask as she stared at your shaking legs.

"Yea, I just need to use the bathroom, I'll see you in a bit." You say. You asked security, random people to find your way to the bathroom. After many turns and long hallways you finally found the bathroom. You check yourself one last time in the mirror. 

"This is it Melissa, you finally get to see them" you say to yourself. You smiled to yourself and walked out. You had focused at your shoes when you had bumped into somebody. 

"Oh-I'm so-" you cut yourself of as you saw him. Niall Horan. He is your favorite of the five. You both stared at each other saying nothing, but to you nothing seemed to be everything. He was lost in your brown eyes. 


"I-I'm sorry" you both say simoustanly. You laugh. 

You both stared at each other, not in a awkward way, more of a good way.


"You're pretty" Niall finally spoke. You became shocked, and flattered. 

"W-what?" You asked in shock.

"Sorry I didn't know what I was saying" he says.

You smile as he continues to stare at your eyes.

"I like your shoes" he says again.

"T-thanks" you stuttered.

You can't help but smile.

"I know we just met and this is crazy, but.." you cut him off.

"Not this song again" you joke. You both laugh. His laugh, you loved it.


"BOYS YOU ARE ON IN 5 MINTUES" a speaker came on.

"I'm sorry, I have to go" he says.

"Yea-yea cource. I gotta go so I can see you on stage" you say. He lightly laughs. 


With that, you smile as you walk back to your seat.

"What took so long? " your friend ask.

"You're not gonna believe it but I saw Niall!!" You say.

"Naw-a" she says.

"Yes!!" You say.

"Prove it" she says. 

"I didn't take pictures" you pout. You explained her how everything happened. But by the time you were, the concert began.


Last Song~*

You wear having a blast at the concert. Keepig your eye on the guys, but mostly Niall. You saw him stare at you many times but didn't say anything. 


"So this is our last song but it's our favorite. It's Stand Up!" Liam announced, you screamed in delight. 

"Wait!" Niall says, causing everybody, including the crowd to get quiet. He smiles and he looks at you.

"Everybody I met a girl and I like her" he said. You became shocked, guessing what he was about to say.

"And that is?" Louis asked. Niall looks at you and points. Everbody turned to stare. You blush.


"Paul" Niall says to Paul, then pointing back at you.

Paul come up to you, gently picks you up and places you onto stage. You freeze in nervousness. 


"What's your name?" Niall whispers in your ear as you stood in front of the huge crowd.

"Melissa" you mouthed.

"Everybody! This is Melissa! I met her before the concert and I think I found my future princess!" Niall says into the microphone. Your mouth opened in shock. At that point all the girls in the crowd yelled your name over and over, in a good way. 


"Niall's Princess!" They yelled in sync and repeatedly. 

"Because of you, I know love at first sight exists" Niall says before you leave the stage for them to sing. You smile and walk off stage. As soo as you go back to your seat all the girls are taking pictures of you. It happened all so fast. When you came home, you logged onto Twitter and see this; 


"Niall Horan @NiallOffical

Best Night Ever" with a picture of you both.



I hoped you liked it!!! 


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