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8. Lucy & Louis

You, your husband and your daughter are at home. 

"Mommy, can I ask you a question?" Your daughter asked.

"Cource" you say.

"How did you and daddy meet?" She asked, coloring paper. You look over to Louis.

"Um..well me and mommy saw each other when I was singing, and we really liked each other" Louis explained with a smile.

"Is that true mommy?" She asked.

"Yes" you smile.

"Daddy? " she asked.

"Yes sweety?" Louis ask, staring at you.

"Is it true that you kept looking at mommy and wouldn't leave her alone?" She asked. You couldn't help but laugh because it was true.


"Who said that?" Louis said

"Uncle Harry" she explained. Louis smiled once again. Then there was a long silence, more like a comfortable silence. 


Then your little girl asked another question...


"Mommy, all my friends have brothers, why don't I?" Your little girl asks.

"Just wait for like nine months" your husband, Louis, said.

You stood there confused. You gave Louis the 'don't talk about that stuff' to him. Louis smiled and grabbed your waist, right after picking up up bridal style.


"What are you doing? " you laugh.

You notice that Louis is taking you to your bedroom. Once you relized what was happening you spoke once again.

"Louis, babe, stop it!" You demand.


"No can do Lucy. Even our little girl wants what I want" Luis said. You can't help but let out a small giggle. After Louis had set you on your bed, you both hear a knock on the door. 


"Daddy can I use your phone?" 

"Why?" Louis asked, stopping from kising you.

"Uncle Zayn said to call him or Uncle Niall to take me away if you ever take mommy like that" your daughter says. You can't help but laugh. 

"Give her the phone" you told Louis.



I hope you liked it!! I tried making it funny & sweet. Did I do good? lol


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