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13. Kelsie & BFF

"Where are you going again?" You asked your bestfriends Liam and Harry.


"Interview with Ellen Degrees" Liam answered.

"Oh" you sigh. 

"What's wrong Kelsie?" Harry asks.

"Nothing, just we never get to hang out together anymore, I mean I'm happy for you guys but I just hanging out with my buds" you explain.


They glanced at each other smiled, and said their byes to go to the interview. You stayed at their house with Harry's sister Gemma, but she was asleep. You decided to flip throught the channels on the television then you hear, "direction! Hello boys..". You quickly went back to the channel and left the remote alone.


"So first off, how is it coming back to America? Any friends?" Ellen, the interviewer, asked the boys.


"Well a fan gave me a canvas of my face made of gummy bears" Louis piped up.

"Yea..and I ate some of the gummies" Niall added.

"I had to hide the picture" Zayn joked.


"And you two?" Ellen asked Harry and Liam.

They looked at each other than smiled.

"We got to see Kelsie" Harry said with a smile.

"Ooooo. Kelsie huh? Is she like a girlfriend of one of your or...?" Ellen asked. You blushed just by hearing the word 'girlfriend'.


You looked back onto the t.v. screen and saw them blush too.

"She's um..a close friend of ours.." Liam said, scratching the back of his hand.


"Is she the girl in the picture?" Ellen asked, pointing to the screen.

"Yea" Harry smiled.

"She's very pretty" Ellen said.

"She's beautiful" Liam said, probably not thinking. 

Your mouth dropped open in shocked, he never told you that.

"She's cute" Harry added, with a smile. You saod "aww" to yourself as you heard this.


"Are their any feelings for her?" Ellen asked. Again, you blushed.

"Well Liam always talked about her..." Louis said.

"Harry stalks her on Twitter" Niall laughed. 

"Is this true? " Ellen asked, also grinning and laughing. 

"Yes it is" Zayn said. The camera pointed to Liam and Harry, they were blushing, bright red with smiles across their faces. 

You decided it was too much to hear, you didn't want to hear anything further than that, so you turned off the tv.


They come back~*


You heard people walk in as you washed your hands in the bathroom. 

"Hello?" You called out, walkin towards the living room.

"Shhh.." a voice whispered.

"Oh, you scared me! I thought you were somebody else!" You said, realizing it was only Liam and Harry.

"Yea, people how have my house keys" Harry joked.

"Did you see the interview? ?" Liam asked.

"Oh no." You lied. They both sighed in relief. Hours had passed before they even mention the word 'interview'. Then you cracked. 

"So y'all think I'm pretty, cute, talk about me and stalk me on Twitter? " you laugh. Their faces got bright red, blushing.


"You saw it?" They asked simoustanly.

"Yup" you say with a smile.

"We just wanted you know we care about you even though we don't hang out as much" Liam said.

"Aww" you say out loud.

They both face the floor, blushing, again. 


"You know...I do the same" you admit. 

Harry, being in the 'aww' mode went up to you and hugged you; so did Liam.


"I missed you guys like crazy" you say.

"We miss you too, more than you could imagine" Liam said.



I hope it was cute enough! And sorry for the wait!!!! 


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