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10. Jordan & Niall

You, Perrie, and the boys are playing truth and dare.


"Turth or dare?" Harry asked Zayn. 

"Truth" Zayn answered. 

"Aw you suck! You always choose truth!" Perrie teased Zayn.

"Fine, dare" zayn said with a smirk.

"I dare you to go buy me cat" Harry said.

With that, both Perrie and Zayn left the house and went to buy Harry the cat.


"I'm gettin me a cat!" Harry cheered.

"Come on lets keep on playing!" You say. You look up from the floor to fing Niall looking at you. You always like him, but kept it a secret. 


"Ok, Niall truth or dare?" Louis asked.

"Truth" Niall said, now looking at Louis.

"I dare you to tell us who you like" Louis said. There was a short silence. You noticed Niall looking back at you, signalling it was you. You couldn't help but blush.

"Come on, it's not hide and seek! Just say her name!!" Louis yelled.

"I like Jordan...." Niall said, blushing.

"Jordan!" Harry yelled.

"Yea?" You say, looking away from Niall.

"Truth or Dare?" Harry asked.

"Dare" you answer. 

"Kiss Niall!!" Louis and Harry yelled simoustanly.


You glanced over to Niall. Niall, making the first move, moves closer to you. You feel his warm lips touch yours. Niall kisses you slowly, and also lightly, as if he was gental with you, almost as he has been waiting for this moment. You open your eyes as you pull away, his blue eyes, lost in your eyes, and possibly, memorized by the kiss. He bites his lower lip.


"Aww!" Liam says, with a phone in his hand. He shows that he took a picture of you and Niall kissing, and already has tons retweets on Twitter. You smile at Niall, he smiles back. Niall, moves in again and kisses you. You can hear the other boys leave the room. Niall places his hand behind your neck, pulling you closer towards him.


"Hey I'm--" Zayn says, returning. You and Niall still continue kissing.

"Looks you found your princess, good job buddy" you hear Zayn say as he also leaves the room. You feel Niall smile during the kiss, in reaction, you smile too.



Sorry for the wait! I hope you liked it!!!

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