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17. Jayde & Louis n Harry

Zayn, Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall are your friends, the bestes friends you could have. Your packing your things for the picnic and funfair with Liam, Niall and Zayn; you hear shouting.


"Fuck you Louis!" You hear Harry shout.

I hate you Harry, I really hate you. I don't know why we are such a douche all of a sudden!" Louis shouts back.

"Hey! Stop it!" Liam shouts at the both of them.

"Daddy Direction" Niall jokes to you, trying to make things less intense. 

"What's wrong? You've acting so weird lately" Liam shouts at Harry and Louis. 

"Nothing" harry mumbles, look furiously at Louis.

"You all were all best mates, please stop arguing, for me?" You beg. You take both their hands and they smile and bites their lip.

"Can we now go?" You playfully pout. All of them nod as Harry and Louis stare at each other. It was so intense in the car ride; none of the boys talked to each other, just pure quietness. 


"We're here!" Niall shouts as he jumps out of the car. You see huge attractions and toy prizes.

"Let's go!" You eagerly shout.

Liam and Zayn are already out of the car paying for the tickets. When you came out of the car you accidentally tripped.

"I got ya" Louis said, catching you.

"Thanks" you smile. You both looked into each others eyes; both of your eyes blue.


"Here" Zayn says, handing you the tickets. 

You all went separate ways; Zayn, Liam and Niall went to go on rides and you, Louis, and Harry at the arcades. 


As you wait in line for the basketball shooting game you see Harry and Louis. Both were giving looks to each other; Louis roling his eyes and Harry giving him a death stare.


"Guys, what's wrong?" You say.

"Nothing" Louis says with a fake smile.

"What's wrong? "You repeat. 

"It's just....sometimes" Harry tried to say.

"Disagreements" Louis answers.

"You two? Curly and Carrots?" You joke; they laugh. 

"Its about our friendship..." Harry spills.

"I don't wanna talk about it" Louis says.

"Why not?" You ask, confused. 

"Just tell her!" Harry shouts.

"Tell me what?"

"No" Louis says.

"You're such a fucking,..fucking...flamingo!" Harry says. 

"A flamingo? Is that all you can come up with?" Louis says. 

"Stop!" You say as you take Harry's hand. He pulls you into a hug. Louis takes you away from Harry and pulls you into a hug.


"Weirdos" you laugh. 

"Just wanted a hug" they say simoustanly.

"Douche" Louis hisses at Harry. 

"You know--" Harry says before you cut him off.

"You know what! Shut the fuck up!" You say to the both of them. They starle.

"Stop arguing!" You say. They quiet down as they apologize to you.

"Now can we have fun?" You say; taking both of their hands.

As you walk around they sarcastically make fun of each other.

"I need to go to the bathroom" you say. 


When you are washing your hands you hear yelling. You quickly run out.

"Jayde! Their fighting! " Niall says, running towards you. You see Harry hit Louis as Niall tells you.

"Stop it!" Liam says, trying to brake them apart with the help of Zayn. 

"If you don't tell her I will!" Zayn threatened Harry and Lou.

"No!" Louis shouts.

"Tell me what?" You ask Niall.

"They like you" Niall says, hiding behind you. You freeze; as well did the boys. They stand up from the floor.

"Is this true?" You ask Lou and Harry.


"Yea..." louis says.



Sorry if it's short! I didn't know how to end it so I tried meh best! 


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