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19. Jasmine & Harry

It's Niall birthday and you and Harry are making a cake for Niall.

"Pass me the box babe" you ask as Harry hands over the cake box.

"Why don't we just buy one?" He whines. 

"It won't be as special, and he loves it when I make cake"

"Yea that's why he ate mine last year" Harry said.

"Shut up, like you didn't eat it either" you joked. He smiled and you followed all the instructions; all that was left was icing it.



"Yea Harry? "

"Do you like me?" He asked, grabbing your hand.

"Nope" you say. You see his smile wipe away.

"I love you" you say; Harry sighed in relief. 

You felt Harry's arms wrap around your waist. He told you how happy he was for Niall.

"So let me get this straight, you're proud of Niall for gettin old?" You laughed. 


"You know what I mean!" Harry laughed. 

"Hey what time was it when we put in the cake?" You asked.

"Uh-like at 2" he answered.

"And it's 2:15 so we have like ten mintues to buy the icing in time for taking the cake out of the oven" you said easily. 



"What?" You asked.

"I like it when you get all smarty on me" he said, placinf a kiss upon your cheek.


"It's smart, not smarty" you correctly/laughed.

"See!" He said, with a smile.




"Here you go" Harry said opening the icing.

As you both iced Niall's soon-to-be cake you looked up to see Harry patiently icing it. You noticed he had some icing on his cheek.

"Harry you have icing on your face" you said in between laughs.


"Where?" He asked.

"There!" You said pointing to his cheek. He grabbed the icing in his hand, giving you a funny look.


"What?" You asked.

"Babe, you have the prettiest light brown eyes" he said, coming closer towards you, with both hands behind his back.

"And the cutest brown curls..." he continued; coming closer. You closed your eyes as he continued. 


"And you have stuff on yo' face!" He said. You quickly opened your eyes.

"Where??" You asked.

"Here!" Harry said smearing a handful of icing on your cheek.

"You're gonna get it styles!" You yell. 

You hased him throughout his house; jumping over chairs and pushing stuff out of the way. You finally catched up to him and pinned him down.


"Ah! Jasmine!" He laughed as you placed icing on his face.

"Give up?" You say.

"Yes! Babe I do!" He said; siting up.

"I forgot you ran fast" he said, huffing and puffing from all the running.

You smile at him as you grab his hand.

You both walk back to the kitchen to finish icing the cake.

"Hey Harry? " you asked.

"Yea love?" He said cleaning his hands.

"We should buy Niall a cake instead..."


"We put most of the icing on our faces except on the cake didn't we?" He asked.


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