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In the title


20. Important!!!!

Hi it's Sam. So I absolutely LOVE writing all of your imagines, but I have been backed up on a few. So I am kindly asking if I can possibly load them next weekend?


It's just a school problem, yes I know I hate it sometimes. I will write the imagines for those who I haven't yet completed on...


Friday 4th

Saturday 5th

Sunday 6th


So yea! But I might upload them earlier..just maybe! I just really have been busy lately and if it's not school it's my other Movella that i've practically have been neglecting. SORRY! After thinking for a while I think that I will upload most of them on the weekends but I still don't know yet.. Why don't you just co-author then? You might be asking, and yes I have but the invite or whatever its called is still pending for an answer. I have 1 more intive to send out and if you are willing to help me, please please, let me know!!!


Again sorry if you might of thougt this as another imagine!! And something totally off this topic....I CAN'T WAIT FOR MIDNIGHT MEMORIES!!!! that it all..



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