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15. Hannah & Harry

"Hey get up!" Zayn says as he shakes Harry awake.

"What? Where's Hannah?"he mumbles into his pillow.

"She's already gone with the girls!" Zayn tells Harry as he groans and turns around. He lools up at Zayn and gives him a lazy smile.

"I'm getting married today Zayn" he smiles.

"Yea, good going buddy" Zayn replies. 




"Just keep calm Hannah ok? Everything is gonna be perfect, i promise" Harry's mom tell you.

"Im sorry m'am, I'm just bit a nervous, I can't believe I'm marrying him" you say.

"Hanna, you two are getting married, call me Ann" she smiles.

"Thank you. Ann." You smile. 

"Ok, so we need to do your hair, get your wedding dress, go to the venue, then we need to make sure my and the girls get into our bridesmaids dresses" Perrie told you, holding onto a clipboard. 

"Don't worry, you'll be walking down the eisel in exactly 5 hours" Jesy laughed. 


"Ok, lets go" you say, taking a deep breath. 

"Don't worry Hannah, you're going to look beautiful" Ann tells you.


After getting everything done on the list, it was time to walk down the aisle. You took a long deep breath as you looked in the mirror. 

"Hanna, ready? Harry's looking for you" Jesy says, holding onto your shoulders. 

"Yea, I'm ready. Are my parents here?" You ask.

"Front row, with Harry's family" she replies. 

"Good" you smile.

"Hanna, I can't believe you two are getting hitched, I still remember that day y'all met, you were screaming his name as you watched him on stage" she says with a smile.

"Don't make me cry, my mascara is gonna smear" you laugh.

"Come on" she says, opening the door for you.


"Hi daddy" you say to your father.

"Baby girl, your beautiful" she says, puling you into a hug.

"Thanks daddy. Ready?" You ask him. He nods as you take his arm as you both get ready for walking the aisle. As the doors open you hear music come on. You stare as you see everybody stand up, admiring you. Everybody wad there, your sisters, mom, friends, family, the guys and most importantly, Harry; your soon to be husband. 

"Take good care of her" your father tells Harry as you reach the small podium. 

"Of cource sir" Harry smiles. You take each other hands, holding them, smiling. 

"You're beautiful" Harry mouths as you both turn to face the preacher. 


"We are gathered here today to witness the magic of love between Hannah and Harry..." the preacher begins. As he goes on, you think in your mind about the past. When you met him; you were screaming his name as he smiled. The time he asked you out; sitting with him at his 19th birthday. When he asked you to be his forever; he smiled and asked you those 4 small words that soon became the words that ment the world to you. 


"Do you, Harold Edward Styles, or as Harry.." the preacher laughed.

"Take Hannah, to be-" the preacher says before harry cut him off.

"I do" Harry eagerly answers, the 'crowd' laughs; as the same butterflies from the time you two both kissed grew into your belly.


"And do you Hannah, take Harry to be your husband, through sickness and health, rich and poor, good times, and bad, till death do you part" the preacher says.

You take a moment to smile.

"I do." You say, smiling bigger; if that was even possible. 

After placing each others rings, the preacher speaks once more.

"Harry, you may kiss your bride" he says.

Harry leans in, and gives you a passionate but short kiss, knowing that the party was about to start; and so is the rest of your lives.




You smile as you and Harry take photos with family and the guys.

"You're beautiful" Niall says, huging you.

"Thank you" you say.

"I'm happy for you both" Liam says, trying hide back happy tears.

"So am I" you laugh. You glanced over to Louis.

"You suck" Louis jokes.

"Why?" You laugh. 

"I don't know" he laughs. 

"I know why" Zayn says, getting ready to hug you next.

"Why?" You repeat. 

"Because you got married before me and Perrie" he laughs.

"Sorry" you playfully pout.


"Hello, attention. Before the two married couples dance, I want to have a little speech" you hear your father say into the microphone. You feel Harry's arm warp around your waist, waiting for your father to speak.


"I remember when I was playing with Hannah at her little tea parties, I remember when she was obsessing with boybands during her teen years. Then there was that one day I saw her hang up a new poster, of a new boyband. 'Another one?' I remember asking her. My little Hannah replied with 'this one is different'. I never imagined giving my little girl away to one of the boys one the poster in her room; but he makes her happy. And that's makes me happy" you father says. You feel tears filling in your eyes. Everybody claps as your father walks up towards you.


"You'll always be my little girl" he whispers as he hugs you.

"Harry might be my prince, but you'll alway be my king" you smile, your father smiles as he watches you and harry walk over to the dance floor. 

Harry places his arms around your waist, dancing with you. You both swayed, then Harry danced with you in a spinning style; one hand around your waist, the other in your hand. You hear "A thousand Years" play in the back ground.


🎵 I haved loved you for a thousand years; I'll love you for a thousand more 🎵 you hear. You look into Harry's green eyes; filled with happiness. 

"I love you Hannah. I love you" he says.



I hooe you LOVED it!! I was saving this for a movella but sinced I made you wait, I used it for you! ((I'm still gonna use it for mine btw!!)) :D I highly recommend listening to 'A Thousand Years' for some more reactions! I did!!


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