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21. Daphne & Louis

You ran to your room, crying. How could Jose, your now ex, brake your heart? You felt like the wprst person ever; you liked him, shared all emotions with him, and he repaid you by kissing another girl?


"Where are you?" You read, a text, from your bestfriend Louis.

"Home" you replied. He was there when it happened; he saw you cry for the first time.


Within mintues, Louis was at your door. You slowly opened it, peeking from the side; holding the other half of your tears. You turned to see your face then walked in. Without anything being said he hugged you; he knew you needed somebody. After moments of crying on his shoulder, you spoke.


"I-I'm sorry" you sniffed. 

"It's not your fault Daphne, it's not you" he whispered, still holding you.

"Why did you even cry for him?" He said, now looking into your dark brown eyes.


"Because I know he is the best I'm ever gonna get" you mumble.

"What? Why do you say that?" He said with a serious look.


"It's true..I'm not exactly the perfect girl, I'm just average; nobody wants a average girlfriend, well he did but, he's one now.." you say, tyring harder not to cry.


"You are not average. Your beautiful, any guy would be lucky to have you." He said.

"You're just saying that to make me feel better" you replied. Louis sat up, looking straight into your eyes.


"When I first met you I thought 'wow this is the first day of my life' I think I was blind before I met you, I didn't know where I was I didn't now where I wanred to go, but then you showed up in my life. I don't care were I am with you, when I'm with you I fell at home, I'm always happy around you. I thought it would take forever for you to notice me so I thought that I should let you know that I realized that I need you.." he said, almost breaking into tears.


Silence was all that was left after.

"It's ok, I don't expect you to saw anything back..." Louis said.

When you heard that, you did it. You quickly placed your lips upon his. You felt him smile during the kiss before you both pulled away. You smiled. When you opened your eyes you saw a happy Louis.


"You didn't expect that..did you?" You laugh, wiping away the sad tears.

"Yea...I didn't" he blushed.

"I've always like you Lou, always. I thought that you wouldn't like me back, or feel the same way, it's one of the reasons I stayed with Jose.." you confessed, staring down at the couch cushions. 


"I get butterflies when I'm with you....I really like you..." Louis said, picking up your face; making you look into his blue eyes.


"I need you..." he added.

You stared down at your hands; Louis slowly grabbed yours, and you held his hand back.


"This might be too soon, but will you be mine?" He said.

"Yea...i would like that..." you sniffed/smiled.



SOOOO sorry for the delay Daphe123. Oh and guess what? Besides myself, I have a co-author! Her name is "Pretty Brown Eyes :P" go check out some of her stories (their really good!!!)

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