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4. Amber & Harry

"Hey what's wrong?" your bestfriend, Harry said into the phone. You had just called him after your boyfriend or shall I say, ex-boyfriend broke up with you.

"Please come over, I don't want to be alone" you cry, before hanging up the phone.


Within mintues, Harry arrived at your house. He saw your eyes filled with tear and pulled into a hug. You felt happy whenever you were around Harry, you've been bestfriends for the logest time.

"Who did this?" He asked, wiping away a tear from you.

"He broke up with me.." you managed to say. He didn't say a word as you two moved over to your couch.


"He said--" you began to say before Harry cut you off.

"Don't talk about him, it only makes things worst." He says. After mintues of crying, you finally spoke.


"Why are you so upset about him?" He asked.

"Because I know he will be the best I will ever get" you mumble.

"No he's not, your beautiful, funny and amazing, any guys would be lucky to have you" he says.

"You're just saying that because we're bestfriends..." you mumble again.

 There was a short silence...


"No I'm not, Amber, I'm saying that because it's true, you are beautiful. Amber, I don't know how to say this but...I..I like you..a lot" Harry says.

Your heart felt as it stopped for a moment. 


"Harry" you say.

You look up to see him trying to not blush.

"Harry...you mean that?" You ask. He nods. You sit up.

"Harry...I've always liked you to...for a long time now..." you confess.

He looks into your green eyes.

"I like you..." he repeats. You can't help but smile. Harry looks back and forth from your eyes to your lips, indicating he was about to kiss you. You both lean in closer. Your lips moved from side to side, you felt his smile during the kiss. You pull away from each other.


"You're beautiful..don't you ever forget it" he says.

"Be my girl?" He asked.

"Only if you'll be my guy" you say, now forgetting about the brake up,

"Deal" he says, before pulling you into another kiss.



Sorry if its kinda short. Hoped you liked it!!


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