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22. Alex & Niall

You slammed your front door and ran up to your room. You crashed onto your bed and started crying. Work was always frustrating for you because of your boss. You logged onto your computer and noticed that you had an incoming video chat from your friend Niall. You accepted it and quickly wipped away your tears so he wouldn't see. He hated it when you cried. "Hey Alex! I miss you!" He said smiling at the screen. "I miss  you too Ni!" You said. Your voice was scratchy because of your crying and you hopped Niall didn't notice. "I'm so sorry I haven been able to call I've been really bu- , wait have you been crying?" He asked . "No," you answered quickly. "Alex! I know you have! What's wrong?" He said. "Its just work," you protested. "Why don't you quit ? You shouldn't be working at a place that you hate!" "I would quit but , I need the money Niall," you sighed. "Why what happened with you and Jacob?" Niall asked. "He , he um .. he broke up with me about a week ago," you said while letting a few tears fall."Alex I'm soo sorry! I should be there with you right now instead of being at these stupid interviews!" He said anger filling his voice. "No Niall its fine, I'm fine!" "No its not fine! Your stupid boss is a jerk and Jacob is a jerk for hurting a beautiful girl like you!" He spat. "Yo-you think I'm pretty?" You stuttered. "O-of course I do ! Who wouldn't ? You're gorgeous ! Any guy that broke up with you should be ashamed for letting a gorgeous girl like you get away." He answered. You smiled. You always had a crush on Niall but you didn't want to ruin your friendship. "W-will you be my girl?" He asked. You smiled wipping away the tears. "Of course I will!" Niall smiled at your answer . "Good cause when I get back , I'm going to take you on a date!" He said. "That sounds good ," you yawned. "You should get to bed , its pretty late over there." Niall said. "Ok I will, " you said and then kissed the computer camera. Niall kissed it too. "Goodnight Ni," you said. "Goodnight princess , sweet dreams. " he said back . You smiled then shut the computer. You crawled under your covers and turned off the lights. Then you drifted off to sleep. 

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