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12. Abilagail & Harry

"Babe" you say to your boyfriend. 

"Yea Abigail?" Harry asks.

"Can we play hide and seek?" You ask.

"How about yes, and in the neighbor hood?" Harry says, taking you both outside. 


Your outside~*

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ready or not I'm gonna find you pretty boy" you joke.

The first place you looked was behind his house, no luck. You look behind every tree and look around every car, but you don't see him.


"Harry? Babe? Where are you?" You say, giving up,

"I-I-I'm up here.." you hear coming from above.

You look up to find Harry sitting on top of a telephone stand.

"Haha ok ill be back" you luagh before grabbing a ladder.


"Thanks babe!" Harry says, kissing your cheek.

"I-I wanna save you!" You sing.

He can't help but smile and laugh.

"Aww!" You say, makin him blush.

"What?" He smiles. 

"Your dimples are sooo cute!!!" You say.

"Your cute" he replies before placing a kiss upon our lips.


"Babe, I love you" you both say, pulling away from each other,

You both laugh, again.

"Hey, your still it" Harry says, reminding you that you're still playing the game.


"I have to find you again?" You playfully pout.

"Yes!" He says, running to find his new hiding spot.

"REMEMBER! NO TELEPHONE STANDS!" You yell while laughing. 



Can you guess the song? ^-^ 


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