The Forest Jewel

Jewel is a nature girl always has and always will be, she has spent her whole life in the forest surrounded by nature. Even when her parents and her unborn brother died in an accident that occurred deep in the forest. An accident that no one knew about or so she thought it actually turns out that there bodies were found and she had left people wondering what had happened to her and how she survived. She finally discovers all this after meeting Alex in the forest she doesn't realise it but he is the key to discovering her true self and what will happen when Alex suddenly tells all his friends about a power that she doesn't even have. Why is Alex here? Why did he lie to all his friends about Jewel's power? and why is Alex so annoying?


9. The forest is acting strange

An hour pasted and I wasn’t even a least bit tired of the wind but I knew that I had to get going. I took a step outside and the wind disappeared that’s weird it’s almost like it was there just for me but how can that be.  I decided that it was just a coincidence a kept going, the forest is usually so beautiful and filled with life but today it was dark and it seemed sad it was like the life had been taken out of everything. I headed deeper and deeper into the forest and the further I went in the darker it became I began to get worried but I had a pretty good feeling that I was close to their hideout.

Then I heard something a little bird cry, the cry seemed to come from right in front of me, I walked forward towards the sound of the cry I couldn’t help but think that the cry was telling me to leave and that I was in danger. I would normally listen but I have to do this for the animals’ sake. I pushed back some bushes to see a dark, dirty old shack I walked out of the shrubbery and started to explore the area around it. The cry stopped there was silence now I remembered the last time I heard a silence like this and that didn’t end very well for me. In fact that’s what got me here I hate Alex so much right now he is probably what will lead to my doom who would have thought that someone so annoying could lead to someone’s death. You know what now that I think about it, annoying normally equals death well at least in all the books I’ve read.


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