The Forest Jewel

Jewel is a nature girl always has and always will be, she has spent her whole life in the forest surrounded by nature. Even when her parents and her unborn brother died in an accident that occurred deep in the forest. An accident that no one knew about or so she thought it actually turns out that there bodies were found and she had left people wondering what had happened to her and how she survived. She finally discovers all this after meeting Alex in the forest she doesn't realise it but he is the key to discovering her true self and what will happen when Alex suddenly tells all his friends about a power that she doesn't even have. Why is Alex here? Why did he lie to all his friends about Jewel's power? and why is Alex so annoying?


6. The forest girl

 He smiled “I’m glad you do it would be awful if you didn’t the forest is such a beautiful place, the animals are so cute and amazing and they are so happy and filled with life.” He started going on about how much he loved the forest I looked over at the girl she was pretending that she was interested in the forest and all its wildlife but I could see that she didn’t care. You could just tell by looking at her body language and her eyes she was clearly not interested she was more interested in the other guys in the group then the one that she was obviously going out with, everyone else in the group was obviously not interested in it either you could tell that they wanted to leave. It was what he said next that really got my attention, “and the mysterious forest girl that lives here in the forest” the teenagers sort of rolled their eyes and looked at him like here we go again and why does he kept obsessing about the forest girl.

 But, I kept listening “and the mysterious forest power that she has” everyone in his little group all suddenly whipped around and looked at him “power?” One of the big jock boys asked, “Yes she has power over the people, plants, animals and the earth, she has the ability to create mountains, to understand animals to find gems trapped under the earth.” “Gems!!”All the teenagers cried they were very excited at the thought of there being priceless jewels underneath the surface and the fact that there was a human alive in the forest that could find them.

The seemed to really be interested in the forest and its inhabitants now, that’s when I realised he was spreading these stupid rumours about me, he was telling them that I had mysterious power and that I could find jewels hidden inside the earth, the caves and in the hidden valleys of my home. These kids were excited and they had their hearts set on finding the jewels and they thought that they needed me to do it, they will come looking for me and when they find me if I refuse they will kidnap me and force me to find the jewels. Jewels that I didn’t even know existed, that probably don’t even exist and jewels that I don’t even know how to find. This could end very badly.


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