The Forest Jewel

Jewel is a nature girl always has and always will be, she has spent her whole life in the forest surrounded by nature. Even when her parents and her unborn brother died in an accident that occurred deep in the forest. An accident that no one knew about or so she thought it actually turns out that there bodies were found and she had left people wondering what had happened to her and how she survived. She finally discovers all this after meeting Alex in the forest she doesn't realise it but he is the key to discovering her true self and what will happen when Alex suddenly tells all his friends about a power that she doesn't even have. Why is Alex here? Why did he lie to all his friends about Jewel's power? and why is Alex so annoying?


4. Silence

Now that he was gone I know now noticed the silence that was starting to come through the trees of my beautiful forest, the birds stopped singing, the trees stopped rustling even the wind stopped blowing it was just dead silence. Nothing made a sound nothing even moved I don’t know how long I stood watching and listening to the forest it was too silent for my liking it felt so weird it almost felt like the forest was trying to tell me something. I then thought back to when Alex was here and the argument that we had that boy Alex who is he, what is he doing here and how did he know that I’m still alive and no down the sink hole with my parents? No one has ever seen me and yet there was someone standing in front of me that knew that I was still alive and living here in this beautiful forest that I call home. How did he know? He was a strange boy he talked to me as if were best friends and that we tell each other everything, he wants to know everything  especially how I survived sinking into the ground with the rest of my family.

 I kept telling him that I never went into the sink hole and that I never went with them and I didn’t get help because I knew that no one could help, but he didn’t believe me and I doubt he ever will. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t get it I wasn’t in the sink hole I just saw my mum dad and unborn brother go into the ground and never come back there’s nothing they could do, nothing I could do and certainly nothing anyone else could do.

My parents were amazing people they were smart, creative and adventurous there was nothing they couldn’t do they were perfect parents and I’m sure that my brother would have turned out just like I did smart, creative and adventurous just like my parents. My parents had a gift they were able to make anyone feel better even if they were the most depressed person on the planet they would still be able to make them feel better about themselves. They were the nicest people I have ever met, but then again I didn’t know very many people in this world.
I was brought back to reality when I heard the sound of a twig cracking under someone’s feet, I looked up expecting to see Alex returning but instead there was a white-tailed deer I took a step forward excepting it to run away but it stayed I reached out my hand.

It took a step forward and put its nose under where my hand was I put my hand down and rested it on the deer’s nose it closed its eyes and relaxed as if happy that someone was there to comfort it. I looked at the deer it didn’t have any visible marks on it except for one, there was a scratch on its right shoulder I looked closely at it trying not to upset her it wasn’t a very big scratch but it was still a scratch I wondered what it would have done to get it then I realised the deer had come from the place where the group was. I slowly reached out my hand and touched it the deer reared up and cried out in pain I rose my hands up to comfort it, yep this had definitely happened recently and there only one way it could have happened other than an animal scratching it but the scratch was both too big and too small to be an animal scratch. This had to have been done by a human, rage started to spread through my body a human from the group had injured an animal in my forest I wasn’t going to let them get away with this. I turned to the deer “its ok little one wait here I will be right back” it looked at me like it understood I then turned and ran in the direction of the group.

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