The Forest Jewel

Jewel is a nature girl always has and always will be, she has spent her whole life in the forest surrounded by nature. Even when her parents and her unborn brother died in an accident that occurred deep in the forest. An accident that no one knew about or so she thought it actually turns out that there bodies were found and she had left people wondering what had happened to her and how she survived. She finally discovers all this after meeting Alex in the forest she doesn't realise it but he is the key to discovering her true self and what will happen when Alex suddenly tells all his friends about a power that she doesn't even have. Why is Alex here? Why did he lie to all his friends about Jewel's power? and why is Alex so annoying?


12. Not a secret anymore

The next day I realised very quickly that one of those things were about to be tested, we reached the valley were my secret place is a little quicker than I thought we would. I could see the route towards my secret place I could hear the waterfall and I could see the back of the cave. I am really worried so I had to think quickly I eventually came up with the idea to try and lead them down the path going away from it. But there was just one problem going down that way means that you will be able to see the cave, the cave has many entrances other than the one behind the waterfall but there well hidden. These guys won’t be smart enough to see them.


We started down the path we made it past the waterfall and we were a little way down everything is going great then I heard it “hey guys is that a cave!” I recognised that voice that was the voice of the little princess Quinn, how did she see the cave she is probably the dumbest out of them all. “Yeah there’s a cave there” “there’s loads of them” great this is exactly what I didn’t what. I felt a hand grab my shoulder and it spun me around “you little snitch you were trying to lead us away from the caves and the gems. You think that you’re so smart don’t you” “not really I just know that I’m smarter than you” I heard the sounds of Dawn and Alex laughing. I smiled at of the corner of my eye I saw Quinn nod at her minions Aurora and Eleonora, they walked up to me Aurora had a threatening pleased look on her face while Eleonora had a look that basically said that she didn’t want to do this. I knew instantly that something really bad was about to happen to me.


They grabbed me and dragged me towards the caves and my secret place we reached the edge and looked down on the valley. “On the count of three 1, 2, 3” they lifted me in the air and held me over the valley going to drop me. Just when I thought that they were going to drop me to my death a cry came from behind us. “What do you think you’re doing?!” We swang around to see Dawn running towards us “what does it look like were doing?” “It looked like you wanted to throw her over the cliff to her death!” “She wouldn’t die” “have you seen how deep that is” she pointed to the cliff she was right the cliff was about 10 metres high, and at the bottom of this particular spot there was very big rocks. Dawn had a really angry, worried look on her face “why do you even care anyway?” “Because we need her how are we supposed to find the gems without her, we can’t find the gems and get rich without her here leading the way.”


“She’s right we need Jewel” it was Alex “oh finally it’s nice to know that someone knows my name around here!” Alex and Dawn both smiled at me while Aurora and Eleonora glared. That’s when Quinn arrived “that nod was a grab her and drag her over to me nod, not a throw her off a cliff nod.” “Oh no they’re getting types of nods confused, I’m going to die!” I said sarcastically, Eleonora was trying not to laugh and by the time the urge went away her face was red. “Let’s hurry up and get down there, the urge to push her off the cliff is too tempting. I was grabbed and dragged away and pushed to the front of the group. “Now you’re going to lead us to that clearing without any tricks, you’re not going to get us lost; you’re not going to lead us off a cliff. You’re just going to lead us there without any hassles.” I rolled my eyes and started walking.

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