The Forest Jewel

Jewel is a nature girl always has and always will be, she has spent her whole life in the forest surrounded by nature. Even when her parents and her unborn brother died in an accident that occurred deep in the forest. An accident that no one knew about or so she thought it actually turns out that there bodies were found and she had left people wondering what had happened to her and how she survived. She finally discovers all this after meeting Alex in the forest she doesn't realise it but he is the key to discovering her true self and what will happen when Alex suddenly tells all his friends about a power that she doesn't even have. Why is Alex here? Why did he lie to all his friends about Jewel's power? and why is Alex so annoying?


7. Never experienced this before

The group soon left I didn’t follow them I stayed there in the tree watching as they walked away thinking about what Alex had done I don’t know how long I waited but it was a while, I then turned and leapt through the trees and started heading towards my tree house. Once I had arrived I sat down on one of the wooden chairs that my father had built and began to think of what to do next I couldn’t let them discover me but I also can’t let them rummage through my forest for things that don’t even exist. I can’t stand the fact of innocent animals and plants getting hurt because of me, I’ve got to watch these kids very closely people are very cunning when it comes to trapping animals and I don’t want to end up in some cage like one. Even though I practically am one living out here in the forest alone watching the animals, people learn from experiences and I have had a pretty big one right here but never in my whole life have I faced something like this. Never

I woke up to see the sun rising on another day I must’ve fallen asleep here I got up and leaped into the trees heading towards my favourite place in the whole forest well after my house in the trees. It’s a place that I always go when I need to escape from the world; it only takes me about 15 minutes to get there through the trees but if you’re walking it would probably take a day or two. Mainly because it’s in a valley in the mountains a large waterfall and a big series of caves and the best thing about it is no human has ever been anywhere near it, it’s the most amazing thing ever.
Come to think of it I haven’t really explored it either I should really go down into the caves at some point and look around down there, it would be fun I just have to look out for the big ravines and caverns that stretch to goodness knows how far. I don’t want to die down there but then again that would be a good thing, what am I saying if going away for a couple of days could potentially destroy my forest. Better not considering the risks, at least not until I know what’s down there.


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