Hellos and Goodbyes (Harry Styles)

Harry is Alex's new partner for a project at school. What will happen when they start hanging out with eachother and become very close. Will it become more or will Alex's dads new job ruin things?


7. Chapter 6

"I am sure you will still do okay on the test." Liam said trying to lift my spirits. "Yeah.........not helping but thanks." I sat down to eat my lunch. Harry was on his phone texting someone. I was just about to start eating when I heard the last thing I wanted to hear right now. "Hey look its looser sitting with the guys who used to think of themselves as cool. Well I guess they haven't heard the news!" Jess was standing behind us with an evil grin on her face. "What do you want Jess?" I said really annoyed with her right now. "Just wanted to know if you heard the news!" Jess said still doing that evil smile thing. "I guess you wont leave until we do so what is it?" I rolled my eyes at her. "Well you and Harry here." she said gesturing with her hand at me and Harry. "Well you have been seen hanging out with a nerd, that is Alex." As if we already didn't know that. "Just say it already Jess!" "Anyway it has been decided by the football team that if anything is going on between you two that Harry will be cut from the team because it would be bad for their image. Bye have a nice day!" Then she ran off with her friends. "We all know that the team didn't decide this, it was her and her friends because I know the boys would never do that." Zayn said watching Harry. "Yeah but that doesn't do any good I still might be cut from the team!" "Harry why would you be cut from the team? There isn't anything between us we were just hanging out as friends. I think its time I went back to go sit with my other friends, I don't want to cause anymore problems I'll see you around bye guys." And with that I walked away. I really hadn't meant to cause any problems and now Harry might not be able to play football anymore! What was I thinking? That I might actually get to hang out with the cutest guys in school? I shook my head. I felt sad that I couldn't see Harry anymore. "Well I guess that proves it I would definitely be lying if I said I had no feelings for Harry Styles." I mumbled to myself. I had just sat down by my other friends Tay-Tay and Jake when I felt someones hand on my shoulder. I spun around to find myself looking straight into Harry's bright green eyes. But I also saw the whole football team watching with frowns on there face. Then I saw Jess with a huge glare I guess she thought that cutting Harry from the team would keep him away from me and that maybe Harry or someone else friends with him would become her new boyfriend. I looked her straight in the eye with a huge smirk on my face. "I decided that I would rather be friends with you then let that girl and her team of cheerleaders control me." Harry said sitting down beside me watching my reaction. I gave him a huge smile and a hug. "Thanks Harry but you really didn't need to do that. Why would you you really like football?" "I did it because I want to be able to choose my own friends and thats what we are we are best friends." He gave me one of his great smiles that showed of his dimples. "You do understand though that you are know officially considered a nerd?" Tay-Tay said getting over the shock of seeing Harry and everyone sitting next to me. She also thought he was cute but I think she might like Niall also because they are doing some staring contest thing right now. "Yeah but its probably better this way we were never into being popular in the first place so it fine with us." Niall said smiling at Tay-Tay with an almost dreamy look on his face. I wonder what's going on there? I thought smiling a little. "Welcome to the nerds guys!" Jake said laughing a little. Yes they were definitely part of us now. Outside before lunch after biology and english After class I went outside to think a while before I went to lunch at their table. I had to figure out what was going on between me and Harry. I had been thinking about him a lot lately. He was always on my mind! I might be starting to like him, and that kiss. Where had that come from? I am not complaining but it confused me, we had just met and I had though we were just friends! What was I going to do? I didn't know what Harry thought of me, did he like me? No, he couldn't we'd just met. But that kiss! "Oh, I don't know!" I said out loud on accident. "Sorry did you say something?" "What?" I turned around and saw Jake. Jake was my best friend besides Tay-Tay. He lived down the street from me. Tay-Tay insisted he liked me but he never gave any hints that he did, so I always considered him just a friend. "Who were you talking to Alex?" he looked at me strangely while glancing around the school yard. Not a single person in sight. I giggled a little. "Just myself Jake." "Want to talk about it you seem stressed." I looked at him and thought about it. What harm could come out of it. Also I would always talk to him about any trouble I was having. "Yeah," I told him about how I thought I might like Harry a little bit and about how the kiss was so confusing because I thought he only considered me as a friend. Jake was always the friend I could go to when I had trouble and he never complained, I was always thanking him but he brushed it off like it was nothing. Harry POV I walked up to the guys with one thing on my mind Alex. I met her way before Niall started dating her sister. When I was in 7th grade we had the same English class. And I had sat in the back of the class the whole year and couldn't help but see her raising her hand and working on the homework she always got good grades except for history. She was so gorgeous but she never thought so. This was before I had become a popular. Even after I did I still liked her, but she was considered the nerd and didn't ever talk to people that I knew so I could never find an excuse to talk to her. But when Niall started dating her sister and I had my chance to talk to her. Whenever Niall went to their house I would sometimes tag along and try to start a conversation with her but she was always in her room. Then I ran into her that day at lunch and finally found a good reason to talk to her but I think I really screwed it up, what with the kiss and everything. What had I been thinking?! I hadn't thats what. I slammed my fist on the table. Not that hard but hard enough for Liam to notice because he was sitting next to me. "Harry, you okay?" I must have been sitting there at the table staring off into space for almost ten minutes. "Yeah I guess." "You don't seem like it." Obviously still thinking about how I just slammed my hand on the table. "Well its about Alex." "What did you do?" His eyes went wide. "Nothing really. But I did try and kiss her."I whispered looking down at my feet. "Why did you do that you just met her?" "Well actually I met her about four years ago but I don't think she remembers me. In my defense she kissed me back!" "She kissed you back?" He looked confused. "Yeah but then she stopped and said that it was to fast for her. Which I totally understand, I don't even know why I tried to kiss her." "I think you do." Liam said looking at me knowingly. Well I kinda did, I had liked her for a while since 7th grade really. She was so smart she knew all the answers but had trouble with History and right now that was my only way to talk to her so I was going to try and help her as much as possible! She was pretty too, no, she was beautiful. "Earth to Harry!" Liam yelled waving his hand in front of my face, I swatted it away. Glaring at him, he just laughed. "Hey guys!" I turned around and found myself face to face with Alex. "Hey Alex, we were. . ." Liam started to say but I slammed my hand across his mouth a little harder then I meant to, I shot him a sympathetic look. He returned it with a glare. Alex just looked confused. "Hey Alex we were just talking about lunch." I turned to glare at Liam keeping my hand across his mouth until he nodded vigorously. "Yes we were!" Liam said while still nodding his head. "Ok." She said uncertainly. Alex pov I had no clue what the guys were up to, but I planned on finding out. Jake had told me to ignore the kiss and continue on just being friends and everything would fall into place. So that's what I plan on doing. "So whats up its thursday one more day till the weekend!" "And one more night till the history test." Zayn groaned. "Yeah and after Harry's help I am proud to say I still have learned NOTHING!" I groan.

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