Hellos and Goodbyes (Harry Styles)

Harry is Alex's new partner for a project at school. What will happen when they start hanging out with eachother and become very close. Will it become more or will Alex's dads new job ruin things?


6. chapter 5

"We have five minutes! Everyone take your last bites and get in the car!" Niall was still giving orders and Louis was his second in command trying to get everyone to get in the car to get to school.
"You heard the man! Lets go, c'mon! Eat that pancake! Niall two minutes left!" Louis yelled. 
"Louis get everyones bags and put them in the trunk!" 
"Yes captain Niall! The ship will be ready to leave in one minute." Louis answered saluting Niall and Niall saluted back. Everyone was laughing and trying to eat at the same time and ended up choking. There was a mad dash to the cabinet with the cups and then to the sink.
"One at a time men." Niall commanded. No one listened and instead everyone tried to get their glasses under the small stream of water. Eventually we all calmed down, drank our water and got in the car.
"We need to go it takes us forty minutes to get to the school and class starts in thirty five!" Louis screamed running into the house. 

skipping ride

"Everyone out of the car! Class starts in two minutes." We all ran to the building. We had ended up being ten minutes late so we were short on time. Harry and I had first hour math together and ran into the room grabbing the first seats we saw. We sat down next to each other high fiving. we had made it just before the bell rang earning a glare from our teacher. To him you are late if you aren't in your seat when the bell rings. One time because a kid was standing next to someone else's chair when the bell rang and Mr. Snidenberg gave him a lunch detention.
"I hate this class." I whispered to Harry when Mr. Snidenberg turned to write something on the board. 
"Me to. Are you eating at our table today?" 
"I guess I could."  I told him while trying to keep up with Mr. Snidenberg's notes. He always moved to fast in notes, lesson units, tardy, detentions, everything. Harry's hand was flying across his paper and talking to me at the same time. How did he do that? whenever I try to multi task like that I ended up writing what I was trying to say and saying what I had meant to write. After some time trying to write all the notes and listen to Mr. Snidenberg explain the math problems I just gave up. Forget the notes I decided to talk to Harry instead.  The notes never helped me anyway and if I ended up needing them I could get them from Tay-Tay, or I could ask Mr. Know-it-all sitting next to me.  Harry really did seem to be doing great in all his classes. He had all A's except for the occasional B+.  How did he do it? He was in football and went to parties all the time, fooled around in class and still got the grades! It was quiet annoying to be honest. I could spend four hours studying for a test and he could be at a party and still do better than me. I knew he went to all those parties because people would be talking about them all the time at school. I sometimes wish I could go to those parties. I wish I could go to one of those parties with Harry. What was I thinking Harry would never ask me to a party! Why did I want to go to one with him anyway? Wait was someone talking to me?
"What?" I asked to no one in particular. 
"What is the answer to the problem Alex." Oh no! Mr. Snidenberg had a problem on the board that looked like this 12(7+6x)+9=12x+13(5-4). "Great!" I muttered to myself. 
"x=2" (that is not a real answer there probably isn't even an answer to that problem) 
"x=2 now answer the question!" Harry whispered to me.
"What is the answer Alex?" Mr. Snidenberg growled at me.
"2! x=2." Mr. Snidenberg gave me a long glare. I new I shouldn't have but I smiled sweetly back at him. He looked really mad now.

After class

"What were you doing in there?" I jumped around. I had ran out of Math really fast to avoid Mr. Snidenberg. Now I was getting my books for Biology and Harry had showed up out of thin air.
"Harry don't do that!"
"Sorry. But what were you doing, you totally blanked out and it took me forever to get you back into focus. You were just staring out into space." 
"I was just thinking about some stuff."
"What stuff it must have been interesting because you were thinking about it for almost half the class." I was? Wow. 
"Just some stuff I have to remember to do at home. See you at lunch!" Then I ran off to my next class. There was no way I was going to tell Harry I was daydreaming about him taking me to one of those crazy parties you here everyone talking about at school, one of those parties girls go out and by the expensive dresses for, one of the Those parties, one of the parties I never get to go to. 

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