Hellos and Goodbyes (Harry Styles)

Harry is Alex's new partner for a project at school. What will happen when they start hanging out with eachother and become very close. Will it become more or will Alex's dads new job ruin things?


5. Chapter 4

"Thanks again." I say smiling up at him as I bent down to inspect my ankle. He had done a good job of cleaning it up and putting the bandaid on so it wouldn't fall off. I hated when that happened it really annoyed me.
"Anytime! Just next time don't take a half an hour to look through my bathroom before you ask for help."
"sorry." I say knowing I was blushing bright red. 
"Don't be." He smiled and stood up walking in a circle for no reason. 
"What do you want to do now?" He thought for a second then bent down for a kiss.
"No Harry." I tried to glare but ended up laughing at his cheekyness.
"We'll then what do you want to do it's 8:30 so we can stay up for another hour then we should get to bed. We have to be up and ready to go at seven."
"How about studying a little more. We should make some popcorn also." I loved popcorn! 
"Ok I am officially going to fail!" I had given up about a half an hour ago now it was 9:40, Harry however had not.
"I know you can get it it just might take a while."
"No Harry I am done lets just go to bed."
"I guess." He said yawning. I laughed and grabbed my pajamas walking into the bathroom to change then I realized I didn't know where I would be sleeping. "Harry?"
"yeah." He said turning around startled.
"Where will I be keeping?"
"we'll you can sleep anywhere. You could have my bed and I can sleep on the floor or the couch, or it could be the other way around."
He paused. "Or we could share." He said with a smile.
"Harry!" I yelled with a slight smile and felt my cheeks go red.
"Just kidding!"
"You better be and I think I will sleep on the floor." I had noticed earlier that his couch made of that weird fabric that sticks to you and is plasticy feeling, I hated those couches.
"Sounds good but because I hate it when I have to see people sleeping on the floor, I will get our blow up mattress." He smiled and I returned it by thanking him and hugging it was crazy how close we had gotten over the past few hours. I guess we just clicked. Then I turned and ran to the bathroom to change. I was wearing some shorts and a tank top.
When I came back I realized Harry hadn't taken his shower yet.
"Harry are you going to take a shower because if you are I would take it now it's getting late. "
"I completely forgot about that with your cut, I will just take it tomorrow. Will this be ok. It's not the best but it should work tonight." He motioned towards the bed he had set up. He was putting the blankets on it now. I bent down to feel them they were really soft just like his towels. I sound so creepy!
"This is great!" He smiled as he turned to go and change grabbing some sweat pants. While he changed I looked around his room. He had one poster of the Beatles and some pictures of him and his friends.  There was one of him when he was about eleven or twelve I was never good at guessing people's age. 
"What are you doing?" I heard a voice say behind me I whirled round startled.
"Whoa! Oh hi Harry I was just looking at your pictures.You were so cute then." 
"What do you mean then?! Aren't I still now?" He said in trying to make a terrified face. 

I woke up to a loud crash from downstairs and I was almost thankful I had I was having a really bad dream and was having a very hard time waking up, but I still didn't know what caused the crash. I looked over and saw Harry still asleep that means someone was in the house. I decided to find out what it was before I woke Harry up. Slowly I got up and walked out of his room. Just as I closed the door the thing down stairs gave a small yell and started cursing to themselves. I recognized that voice but what was he doing here at....I glanced around for a clock but there wasn't one. I continued down the stairs and decided a surprise visit or a surprise visit is good payback. I snuck up behind him and pinched his sides. I instantly got a response. He screamed like a girl and fell to the floor.
"Hey Niall!"
"What was that for!" He said slowly getting up and backing away.
"I thought you were a bugler or escaped murderer what was I supposed to do? Come up and hug you?" I said giving him my best puppy dog eyes and said I was sorry.
"oh well I'm not any murderer so let's get on with breakfast. So far I have pancakes and sausage and waffles and some eggs. Where does Harry have his bacon I checked the freezer but didn't see any." He asked looking in the refrigerator.
"First what are you doing here making a breakfast that could feed ten people?"
"Because it will. Well Niall makes it ten because he eats enough to be the last four people to make ten counting you." Liam said suddenly. 
"Hey Liam!" What was everyone doing here?
"Alex I didn't know you would be here too!" Louis yelled running up and hugging me.
"Hello Louis...and Niall and Zayn and Liam?" They all came into the room smiling and waving.
"Hi!" They all chorused back to me.
"I have three things to say. One, Niall I have no idea where Harry keeps his bacon. Two what are you all doing here? And three, before you all start yelling and talking Harry is still asleep so be quiet."
"Not anymore I'm not." A groggy voice said behind me. 
"Sorry Hazza. But these nice people wanted to make breakfast at six in the morning." I had finally found a clock on the stove.
"We had to school starts in one hour and forty five minutes, and Harry drives us to school everyday as long as breakfast is ready when he wakes up." 
"How did you guys get here then?"
"We walk." Zayn said through a yawn clearly un happy with the arrangement. I laughed and gave him a hug.
"Sorry Zayn you probably like your sleep and Harrys breakfast is getting in the way"
"Yes it is." Then he fell over on the couch snoring.
"We all live within a few houses its very convenient." Liam said rolling his eyes at Zayn.
"People! We need to find the bacon! The clock is ticking we have exactly one hour minutes to make breakfast and eat it!" Niall screamed at everyone. They all scattered grabbing plates, food, and other stuff. I guess they were used to this they all new what they were supposed to do.Well except   Zayn he was still sleeping.
"We'll while they work lets get dressed." Harry said snaking his arms around my waist and guiding me towards  the stairs. I heard Niall yelling orders at his cooks and laughed while walking upstairs with Harry's arm around me.


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