Hellos and Goodbyes (Harry Styles)

Harry is Alex's new partner for a project at school. What will happen when they start hanging out with eachother and become very close. Will it become more or will Alex's dads new job ruin things?


4. Chapter 3

"Ok so what was the year?"
"Is it 1925?" I was at Harrys house and we were up in his room studying (re-teaching me) all of the history unit. I was completely lost I kept getting the dates and people involved all mixed up, which  caused me to get the events confused so I was lost on what happened because of what.
"No Alex we just went over this! It was in 1956 because of what happened in 1945!" It was like he was speaking in code! 1952 is 1956 because of 1938. I started to giggle a little thinking of that he gave me a weird look so I just gave up and asked if we could go over it again.
"Shouldn't your parents be home soon?"
"Actually my parents are divorced and my mom won't be home until tomorrow because she is out on business."
"So your here all alone?"
"Yep and I like it no one is ever here to bother me and say come here I need help or it's time for dinner NOW and if you don't come down you won't get any. So it's quite nice!"
"Sounds like it. I stay home alone too but never over night. If my parents go on business my grandma comes up to watch me as if I was a little kid."
"Oh, maybe you could stay here have your first chance of being home alone over night!"
"My parents would never allow that!"
"You could say you were at a friends house! You wouldn't be lying and they won't ask if there is an adult I mean what parent asks that on a daily basis? So just don't mention it. Come on it will be fun I can make you my signature pasta and we can study more if you like! You obviously need it."
"Thanks thats definitely what I wanted to hear." I told him my voice dripping with sarcasm. 
"Oh never mind! And I guess if it means that much to you." I couldn't say no to his smile and those dimples were just so cute on him. What could happen? 

Half an hour later

"Here is my best pasta and made just for you!" My parents had said sure as long as I got enough sleep and studied because tomorrow was a school day. So I got Harry to drive me over I grabbed my stuff while Harry sat in his car and  here I am back at his house.
"So have you ever spent the night with a guy before?" Harry surprised me with this question and I almost choked on my water.
"Umm well not alone. I have been to boy girl type of sleepover birthday parties but the guys always left at around ten or eleven. So no I haven't. Why do you ask?"
"We'll you just seem a little uncomfortable and I want your stay to be perfect at the Styles Hotel!" I had to laugh! He moved his chair closer when he sat down and now his arm was almost brushing up against mine as we ate. 
"This pasta is amazing how did you make it?" I was speaking the truth it really was great the best I ever tasted!
"My own secret recipe that I will never share." He said with a wink. 
"Well I guess I will have to come to the Styles Hotel more often." I said trying to flirt a little but I was really bad at it so I failed. I had a small crush on him. But then he surprised me by leaning in and kissing me. His lips suddenly met mine and my eyes widened. Harry started to pull away apologizing but I pulled him back and kissed him. Harry quickly began to kiss me back  licking my bottom lip and snaking his arms around my waist bringing me closer. I missed this I hadn't had a kiss like this for a while ever since I broke up with Andrew. Our lips were moving together it was perfect. I was about to lose myself  in the kiss when I realized I had just met him. I quickly pulled away startling Harry he looked at me confused and worried.
"Did I do something wrong I am so sorry if I did I didn't mean to I just thought when you kissed me back that you meant it was ok!" He was totally  freaking and spewing out apologies like crazy. 
"No you're fine it's just that we just met let's take it a little slower ok. But you are fine and I did want the kiss I just didn't  want it to go to far."
"That's good I thought I had hurt you or something!"
"No definitely not the kiss was great. But it surprised me. Lets get these dishes cleaned up ok?"
"yeah sure then we can go watch a movie." Then he grabbed my plate an went over to the sink. He was so cute! 

After movie scene because I am lazy

"Okay you can go take a shower if you want then I can take mine after, just don't use up all the hot water I know girls they love their long showers."
"I promise." I answered back sarcastically. I don't take long showers! He had his own bathroom! When I walked into the bathroom the first thing I noticed was that it was very organized. In the shower he had all his shampoos on one shelf and soaps on another. Also by the sink he had all his colognes in a neat line along the mirror not tipped over with their caps off spilling all over like my dad had had his. And being me I smelled every one of them. what can I say I loved smelling all the perfumes at bath and body who doesn't? So this was like a trip to my favorite store! When I grabbed my towel I was in heaven his towels were like clouds they were so soft! I couldn't help my self I buried my face in them hugging them like they were the only thing left keeping me alive. I tried to take a quick shower but I accidentally cut myself with his shaver. Yes I was using his shaver I forgot mine! I was stumbling around the bathroom trying not to get blood all over his fluffy white bathroom rugs looking for bandaids  and of course I fell and slammed my head on the sink and fell with a loud crash. Luckily instead of running in and seeing my lying naked on the floor of his bathroom he just yelled through the door asking me if I was ok. 
"Yeah I just tripped I'm fine."
"Okay if you need anything just ask." Oh gosh I was making a mess. The shampoos were all over the floor and my cut was bleeding badly I had taken off a chunk of skin and boy did it hurt. I was also luckily bleeding on the tile and not his rugs so I just needed to wipe it up, but I really needed some bandaids! I looked through all his cabinets and found shaving cream, more towels, hand soap, lotion, a hair dryer ..... a curling iron? Hair gel, etc. Who DOESN't have bandaids!? We have multiple boxes all over the house! I tend to be clumsy. 
Eventually I gave up and I got dressed and attempded to walk out holding toilet paper to my ankle. So I was hunched over and limping weirdly. I was probably a sight to see with my hunched over stumbling blindly out his bathroom and to top it off I had wet messy hair.
"You look like you had a good shower!" He said laughing at my state of pain.
"Shut up and just give me a bandaid!" I said glaring at him. I hadn't ment to be harsh but I was uncomfortable, tired from studying and I was all wet and dripping all over his carpet. 
"It sounded like you might need something like that." He said handing me a basket full of the wrap things, ice packs, Neosporin, and thankfully bandaids! He must have heard me banging around in his bathroom.
"Here let me help you with that." He said leaning down as I accidentally squirted the stuff out of the tube and all over my hand.
"Thanks." I said whipping it on his shirt and giggling. 

Yes! Their first kiss! I need comments this is my first story so I want advice that was also my first kissing scene so I am sorry if it was bad :) 

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