Tired of Feeling Alone

"I am Alissa Brook Styles. All I can tell you is there is no word to describe how much I hate my brother. No not one of those brother-sister, love-hate relationships, I mean I hate him."
Right then my mom told me, You're going on tour with your brother, are you not excited or what. I was fuming, how could she do this. I lost it , " How could I be excited to spend months with my stupid brother, it is bad enough having him back for a week, I am not going. My mom quickly responded " yes you are i'm going to Australia, for 6 months and you're going with your brother and that is final. I had no use fighting i was stuck in a hell hole for 6 months how could this get any worse.


4. Maybe I was, Maybe I wasn't

        I knew the boys wouldn't mind sharing a room with me, and Harry is just being an arse. I got to my room, for a 5 star hotel it is not much the room is the size of a college dorm room, I have a clue who was behind it to.I went to the bathroom and took a shower, it had been a long day and the water felt great, I heard a knock on the door, and heard Niall and Liam's voice roaring through the small room. Lis I heard Niall yell. Yes Niall I am in the shower, do you need something? It is not important, see you later. Then both boys left with a slam of the door. I turned of the shower and slipped in to a towel. I looked around and say a note on the table. 

Dear Lis, Meet me in the lobby at 5:00pm. Niall

         I was confused was he asking me out, I did always have a crush on Niall ever since I saw him on the X-Factor with Harry. He had the best smile, laugh, and he was always so sweet. I decided to see what this was all about so I put on my favorite yellow sundress, did my make-up. I headed down to the lobby at 4:55pm. I got of the lift to see Niall standing there with a single rose in his hand. He saw me and came over. Hey Lis, you came he smiled. I wouldn't miss it. So Niall where are we going? You will see, We walked out the back entrance of the hotel, and got in a black car. We got in the back, and Niall whispered something to the driver, and we took off. We spent the whole ride laughing and telling stupid jokes to each other.the car came to a stop and got out, I looked up to see a giant blinding. Welcome to the Top of the Rock Niall said.

         We took a lift to the very top, 85 stories up. I got out to see a beautiful NYC skyline and a picnic laid out. We sat down and started eating. So Niall why are we here? Well I wanted you to know even if Harry doesn't have your back I will, and I also have a small crush. He looked up with the most genuine smile. Thanks Niall, I said ignoring the other part, I do like NIall but I don't know if I am ready.The sunset was falling under the skyline and Niall put his arm around me. For once I actually felt calm. It was almost dark went Niall asked if I wanted to head back. Sure.We got back to the hotel and arrived at my room. Thanks Niall and Leaned in giving him a small kiss on the cheek, with a smile. and went in my room

         I checked my phone it was only 8pm. I looked through the whole T.V nothing at all. I decided to search for Niall and Louis's room. I was bored, but I truly knew I wanted to see Niall. I quickly found there room and went in. To see Louis on the couch and no Niall in sight. I sat on the couch. Why all smiley? I looked at Louis, because. Where have you been? I rather not tell you I responded quickly. Why not? he challenged. Be I know you and you will tease me. Just tell me, where you with lover boy pointing to Niall walking in to the room  in his pajamas. Niall smiled trying to hide his blush. You where with him, Louis said. Maybe I was maybe I wasn't. 


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