Tired of Feeling Alone

"I am Alissa Brook Styles. All I can tell you is there is no word to describe how much I hate my brother. No not one of those brother-sister, love-hate relationships, I mean I hate him."
Right then my mom told me, You're going on tour with your brother, are you not excited or what. I was fuming, how could she do this. I lost it , " How could I be excited to spend months with my stupid brother, it is bad enough having him back for a week, I am not going. My mom quickly responded " yes you are i'm going to Australia, for 6 months and you're going with your brother and that is final. I had no use fighting i was stuck in a hell hole for 6 months how could this get any worse.


15. I was thankful.

        The car ride was dreadful, they started kissing, and let me tell you eww. Piper is pretty and all but that personality wow she is either really shy or really rude, and I am going to say rude seeing how it doesn't take a lot to shake someone's hand. We arrived at the restaurant, and I bolted out of that car, I cant describe awkward more than what I just experienced. They at least could have refrained from kissing while I was in the car for goddamn sake. I entered the restaurant sitting next to Liam, and Niall and Piper sat way at the other end of the table and I was glad. It felt like before I left the tour, Liam and I were best friends, and Niall and me were ignoring each other. I guess nothing had changed, I mean he moved on i guess it was time for me to move on to. "So Liam hows things been"? i asked. "Well pretty good I guess" he said, "but Niall has changed so much since you left the tour, he cried for two weeks until he just started being almost cold hearted like he didn't care about anyone's feelings he started hooking up with girls every night and drinking, he's destructive and I don't know what to do about it". "Liam we broke up it's not my problem to fix" I said in a hushed tone. "Its been months now and by the look of Piper its probably not going to stop anytime soon", he said pleading. "I know you still like him" he said. "No i don't i am over it swear" you said lying a bit. "Then why do you still wear that necklace he got for you?" he stated accusingly. I touched the necklace "whatever" you said ignoring the truth. "Even if I didn't move on, he sure did" I continued a little sad while looking over to Niall and Piper sitting extremely close. Niall caught your eye, smirks, and kisses Piper again right in front of you. You sigh and look away a bit jeloaus rolling you eyes. "Damn he really has changed" I thought to myself. I didn't really talk the rest of the dinner other than a little small talk with Harry and Louis. Dinner finished up, and you and Alivia were getting ready to head out when Harry said "no stay with us a little longer were going out to bars then back to the hotel just for the weekend you don't have school on Saturday and Sunday and I missed you" he says pleading. "Okay" you said as you look at Alivia for approval. She nodded in agreement, "so it is settled we will say at the hotel with you until Sunday night when you guys have to leave to go to the last stop go your tour". "Great" Harry said excited, "We are going to our favorite bar in the area come on lets go. You all leave the restaurant and proceed to the cars this time i was with the rest and Liam with Piper and Niall, and I was thankful. 

 *i wrote this story like 3 years ago and I am looking back at how bad of a writer I was so I decided to randomly update it will slightly better writing 😂😂😂*

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