Tired of Feeling Alone

"I am Alissa Brook Styles. All I can tell you is there is no word to describe how much I hate my brother. No not one of those brother-sister, love-hate relationships, I mean I hate him."
Right then my mom told me, You're going on tour with your brother, are you not excited or what. I was fuming, how could she do this. I lost it , " How could I be excited to spend months with my stupid brother, it is bad enough having him back for a week, I am not going. My mom quickly responded " yes you are i'm going to Australia, for 6 months and you're going with your brother and that is final. I had no use fighting i was stuck in a hell hole for 6 months how could this get any worse.


9. I Love it, and I Love You

       We walked back to the hotel holding hands up until we reached the back door of the hotel. We walked and let go. Harry came over to us, So what is it are you leaving or are you and Niall going to stop dating He asked me. Well Harry I am going to stay and Niall and I are just going to be friends. We talked it over, and everything is fine I said like I was happy but I truly wanted to kill harry for what he was doing. Perfect he said back smirking. God I hate when he does that. Harry walked away.

       So what do you wanna do? I asked Niall. Well tonight's our last night in New York and we don't have a concert tonight because we only had the premiere. So I'm free, after I pack my bag. We both went to his room and started throwing clothes in his bag. How about all of us go to a restaurant for dinner? I asked. I rather do something with you he whisper in my ear so Louis who was in the Kitchen couldn't hear. Yes but I think we should hang around Harry for the next week or so. Why? Because once he sees we are just "Friends" he will get off our backs a little and we can push the boundaries around him, and wont have to be so careful.

       How about we go to dinner with the boys, then we will hangout after to get away from Harry? I said trying to compromise. Sure he said back. Let's go ask them I said, and looked around carefully checking for anyone. No one, I leaned in kissing Niall. I heard a clearing throat behind me. I quickly pulled away, and looked up. Louis its not what you think please don't tell Harry I said with pleading eyes. But I thought you were just friends he said back. Well we kinda lied I said hesitantly. Please Louis. I will just walk out and pretend this didn't happen.

     I got up and locked the door to the room so no one could get in. I went back over to Niall and leaned back continuing our kiss. I could now only do this so often I figured I would make it last. I pull my arms around his neck pulling him closer, with his hands on my waist. Guys I heard Louis call, harry's coming over in 2 minutes. I stopped giving him one last kiss as I got up. I grabbed his hand pulling him off the couch leading in to the kitchen. Harry knocked right when we sat at the island. Hey guys, how are you he said entering the door. Good I said with a hint of sarcasm in my voice, I still haven't forgiven him for anything, i am just better at hiding it now.

      So Harry, Louis how about we all go to dinner tonight? sure I will text Zayn and Liam to come over, and in 10 minutes we were on our way to the restaurant. We got inside and ordered our food. Niall and I sat across from each other so Harry could see we weren't lying. The whole dinner I tried to look away from Niall so no one suspected a thing excluding Lou. We paid for our meal and  Niall and I decided to go on the street but the boys had to pack there bags. So are you two going alone? Harry asked curious. Well one of you can come I just thought you would want to pack your bags. I can do it later Louis offered if it makes you feel better. Thanks mate harry called as the boys walked down the street in the opposite way.

      Louis followed us. Hey Louis said. What? We asked turning around. I am going in Starbucks. Just meet me here by seven. Thanks Lou I said hugging him. You two have fun he winked. We will i said joining Niall. We went in the first shop I saw . It was cute inside. I pointed to a necklace with a silver Irish charm on it. "That's so cute" I said picking it up. I am going to get it to remind me of you. I took it to the cash register, that will be $9.00. I took out my wallet but before I could Niall paid. Niall?! I said. What? he asked. I just let it go thank you I smiled giving him a small hug. Well it does have an Irish charm he said his accent really coming out. The cashier gave him the change, and the necklace. He placed it around my neck. I love it, and I love you I said kissing his nose.



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