Tired of Feeling Alone

"I am Alissa Brook Styles. All I can tell you is there is no word to describe how much I hate my brother. No not one of those brother-sister, love-hate relationships, I mean I hate him."
Right then my mom told me, You're going on tour with your brother, are you not excited or what. I was fuming, how could she do this. I lost it , " How could I be excited to spend months with my stupid brother, it is bad enough having him back for a week, I am not going. My mom quickly responded " yes you are i'm going to Australia, for 6 months and you're going with your brother and that is final. I had no use fighting i was stuck in a hell hole for 6 months how could this get any worse.


8. Hey Friend

         Harry didn't know how to react he just stood there for a second then his face grew angry and he started screaming, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? I wanted to I said coolly. I DON'T CARE I TOLD MOM IT WOULD BE A BAD IDEA!! he yelled. OH and you are not dating Niall anymore. Yes I am. No you are not mom told me to protect you, and I don't approve. I don't care I am dating him. Then leave go back home, because those are your only choices. Leave or stop dating Niall. Niall ran in the room, no harry you can do this it is not fair to both of us. Leave then.

         I ran out of the room overwhelmed. I went down 5 flights of stairs and out the back door. I continued in the pouring rain I was so sick of Harry he can’t tell me who to date. I slowed down to walking after 3 minute and strolled upon Central Park after about 10 minutes. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. The same words keep repeating in my head, he told me to go home, I can just do that anymore I have 3 more practical brothers and a boyfriend I would leave behind. If he said leave on our first day I would have packed right then and there but I was different now. I loved Niall I wasn't leaving yet.

        I heard yells from behind the bench I was sitting on, it was Niall. Thank god you are OK he yelled sitting down next to me in the pouring rain. So what are we going to do? I asked. Well I guess having you here with me even not dating would be better than not having you at all. Yea I guess it could still be the same, or we could pretend I said hesitantly. That could work he said. "Hey friend" he said holding out his hand. "Hey friend" I said taking his hand in mine.  I leaned my head in kissing him gently. I pulled away "I love you" I said quietly. I love you too he said smiling. This isn't coming to help us pretend.

        We got off the bench walked into a small cafe. I went to the bathroom to get dried off, it worked a little but not very well. I walked out of the bathroom to see Niall waiting in line, He is so perfect. I am falling faster than I thought I would, and that scares me. He glanced over to me gesturing for me to get in line, every time he looks at me my heart races. I get in line he puts his arm around me. I feel the most safe in his arms, to bad we have to sneak around or Harry will tell mom and I will have to leave. For not it will be our little secret, we are forbidden.

Hope you guys like it :)


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